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听电影学英语-别惹蚂蚁 08

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  [00:00.73]This is the Chamber1 of the Ages. 这是历史纪念馆
[00:05.32]What are these? 这些是什么?
[00:09.68]They tell the story of our colony, our history. 他们讲述了我们族群的故事和历史
[00:12.48]These are pretty cool. 真棒
[00:25.20]This is the image of the Ant Mother. 这是蚂蚁之母的画像
[00:32.44]lt is said that one day she will return... 据说有一天她会回来...
[00:36.52]...and honeydew will pour from the sky like rain. 蜜露会象雨滴一样从天空落下
[00:40.64]Then we will never go hungry again. 那时我们就再也不会挨饿
[00:42.80]So you actually want warm poop to fall from the sky? 那么你们真心希望 天上降下热腾腾的便便
[00:45.16]Yes. That would be a blessed day. 对 那将是福日
[00:49.56]l'm sorry, it's just so beautiful. 抱歉 只是太美好了
[00:53.80]Hey, what's that one? 嘿 那个是什么?
[00:56.12]lt's the evil one. 那是邪恶的一方
[00:59.72]The Cloudbreather. 吐雾怪
[00:59.96]lt is ancient, drawn2 before our time. 是先人在我们出生前画的
[01:04.04]No one knows for sure what it is, except that death is said to follow it. 除了传说它带来死亡之外 没人确定那是什么
[01:08.32]l think it's just a story used to scare naughty pupas into behaving. 但我想那只是用来吓唬 那些淘气的蛹宝宝乖乖听话的故事
[01:14.32]No, the exterminator3. 不 是那个除虫的人
[01:16.96]l-- l gotta cancel him. 我 我要辞了他
[01:19.80]l gotta go home now. 我要立刻回家
[01:20.24]But you're not an ant yet. 但你还没成为一只蚂蚁
[01:21.28]-Just a quick visit. -No way, Two Legs. - 只要去一下 - 不可能的 两条腿儿
[01:23.96]The humans' nest is strictly4 forbidden. 我们是严格禁止踏入人类巢穴的
[01:27.24]Well... 那么...
[01:30.28]Food? 食物?
[01:30.32]...the colony needs food, right? 族群需要食物 对吗?
[01:34.08]Yeah, sweet rocks. My house is filled with them. 对 糖果石 我家里都装满了
[01:36.96]-ln assorted5 colors and flavors. -Assorted flavors? - 有各种颜色和口味 - 各种口味?
[01:39.52]Even the greenies? 有绿色的吗?
[01:42.24]Well, you'll be needing a scout6. 那好 你会需要一个侦查员的
[01:44.04]No. There is no way you're gonna get me-- 不可能 你绝不可能让我...
[01:46.32]-l'm in. -Come on. - 我加入 - 快来
[01:48.60]Better be some red ones. 最好是红色的那种
[01:56.96]Wow, this is a big nest. 哇 这个巢真大
[01:57.56]Must have taken thousands of humans to build this. 一定要数千人才能盖起来
[02:00.32]-What's that? -lt's just the door. - 那是什么? - 只不过门
[02:03.80]A door? Fantastic. 门? 妙极了
[02:06.40]Do all of your guests pass under this door? 你们的客人都是从门下进屋的吗?
[02:07.00]Well, actually, you guys are the first friends l've had over. 实际上 你们是第一批来拜访我的朋友
[02:11.04]We are the first ones? 我们是第一批?
[02:15.64]Kreela, we're the first ones to pass under the door. Kreela  我们是第一批从门下通过的客人
[02:18.24]-Great. -And to think... - 很好 - 再想想...
[02:18.44]...all of this is made from your own poop. ...这些都是用你的便便做的
[02:24.40]Nice. 真好
[02:25.28]Oh, why did Mom have to get shag carpet? 妈妈干吗要铺厚粗绒地毯?
[02:30.56]lt'll take days to get to the kitchen. 现在到厨房要花上几天的时间
[02:33.16]Oh, gee7, that is too bad. 哎呀 那太遭了
[02:35.84]l guess now we'll have to go home before we all get in trouble. 我想在有麻烦之前 我们得立刻回家
[02:43.20]No. 不
[02:43.84]Wait. 等等
[02:49.44]Come on. 快来
[02:52.20]This is called hang-gliding. 这叫悬挂式滑翔
[02:56.92]Have you ever done this, actually? 说真的 你先前有这样干过吗?
[02:57.20]l played the video game. 我玩过电视游戏
[02:59.84]Now, when l give the word, everybody jump. 现在 听我口令 所有人就跳
[03:05.80]Now. 就是现在
[03:12.48]Oh, sorry, was that the word? 哦 抱歉 那就是口令?
[03:12.96]-Coming. -Hey, hey, look out. - 就来 - 嘿 嘿 当心
[03:16.28]For queen and colony. 为了女王和族群
[03:20.08]Oh, God. 哦 上帝
[03:26.12]-Showoff. -Awesome. Yeah. - 卖弄 - 太惊人了 好啊
[03:33.08]This is Hawaii. We went there last summer. 这是夏威夷 是去年暑假去的
[03:36.44]lt's got volcanoes and hula dancers and Don Ho and surfboards. 那儿有火山 草裙舞者  Don Ho(演唱家) 还有冲浪
[03:38.44]And l caught a fish. 我还抓到一条鱼
[03:41.32]And these are the pyramids. Well, not the real pyramids. 这些是金字塔 当然 不是真的
[03:43.80]The real ones are lots bigger. Mommo says aliens built them. 真的要大得多 奶奶说那是外星人造的
[03:46.80]She's my grandma. 她是我祖母
[03:57.84]Oh, are these your nest mates? 哦 这些是你巢居的同伴吗?
[04:00.80]Yeah, that's my family. 是 是我的家人
[04:02.36]Which one's the queen? 女王是哪个?
[04:04.56]My sister thinks she is. 我姐姐自认为是
[04:07.48]What's wrong? 怎么了?
[04:10.36]Nothing. lt's just, well.... 没事 只是...
[04:13.40]l should have told my mom goodbye. That's all. 我应该跟妈妈道别的 只是如此
[04:19.08]l can be a real jerk sometimes. 有时我真是个混蛋
[04:21.76]-Lucas, your face is leaking. -Leaking? - Lucas 你脸在撒尿 - 撒尿?
[04:23.44]Oh, no, it's okay. 哦 不 没事的
[04:26.56]ls that what humans do when they're sad? 人类悲伤的时候 就会这样吗?
[04:30.32]They leak from the face? 脸上会撒尿?
[04:32.44]When ants are sad, we do this: 蚂蚁如果悲伤 就会这样
[04:54.00]Oh, Lucas, it's-- lt's-- 哦 Lucas 这...这...
[04:57.68]lt's beautiful! 太美妙了


1 chamber wnky9     
  • For many,the dentist's surgery remains a torture chamber.对许多人来说,牙医的治疗室一直是间受刑室。
  • The chamber was ablaze with light.会议厅里灯火辉煌。
2 drawn MuXzIi     
  • All the characters in the story are drawn from life.故事中的所有人物都取材于生活。
  • Her gaze was drawn irresistibly to the scene outside.她的目光禁不住被外面的风景所吸引。
3 exterminator it3z0T     
  • You're an exterminator charged with examining a house for bugs. 您装满了杀虫剂准备清除屋里的臭虫。 来自互联网
  • Finally, the sparrow was shot by an exterminator with an air rifle. 最后,这只闯祸的麻雀被人用气枪击毙。 来自互联网
4 strictly GtNwe     
  • His doctor is dieting him strictly.他的医生严格规定他的饮食。
  • The guests were seated strictly in order of precedence.客人严格按照地位高低就座。
5 assorted TyGzop     
  • There's a bag of assorted sweets on the table.桌子上有一袋什锦糖果。
  • He has always assorted with men of his age.他总是与和他年令相仿的人交往。
6 scout oDGzi     
  • He was mistaken for an enemy scout and badly wounded.他被误认为是敌人的侦察兵,受了重伤。
  • The scout made a stealthy approach to the enemy position.侦察兵偷偷地靠近敌军阵地。
7 gee ZsfzIu     
  • Their success last week will gee the team up.上星期的胜利将激励这支队伍继续前进。
  • Gee,We're going to make a lot of money.哇!我们会赚好多钱啦!
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