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   [00:28.00](speaks Spanish) 先生?

  [00:54.68](Lureen) Comin’ up. 来了
  [00:58.24]Here we go. Here we are! 上桌了
  [01:06.68]The stud duck do the carvin’ around here. 老丈人在此,我来切
  [01:07.48]Whoa there, Rodeo. 等等,牛仔
  [01:09.84]You bet, LD. I was just saving you the trouble. 当然,我只是…想帮你省麻烦
  [01:21.40]Bobby, 巴比
  [01:23.88]if you don’t eat your dinner.I’m gonna have to turn off that television. 你不吃晚餐,我就关掉电视
  [01:26.88]Why, Mama? 为什么?
  [01:28.96]I’m gonna be eating this food for the next two weeks. 反正接下来两周我都要吃剩菜
  [01:31.16]Hey, you heard your mama. 你听见你妈的话了
  [01:35.32]You finish your meAl, and then you can watch the game. 吃完饭,你才能看球赛
  [01:56.16]Hell, we don’t eat with our eyes. 我们又不是用眼睛吃饭
  [01:59.88](L.D.) You want your boy to grow up... to be a man, don’t you, Daughter? 你希望你儿子长大成人吧?
  [02:05.16](clearing throat) Boys should watch football. 男生就该看足球
  [02:09.80]Not untiI he finishes eating the meAl... 除非他吃完晚饭
  [02:14.68]that his mama took three hours to fix. 那是他妈妈花了三小时准备的
  [02:26.60]Now you sit down, you old son of a bitch! 你给我坐下,混帐东西
  [02:33.64]This is my house, this is my chiId... 这里是我家,这是我的小孩
  [02:36.12]and you are my guest. Now you sit down... 而你是我的客人
  [02:38.72]before I knock your ignorant ass1 into next week. 你坐好,免得我动手赶人
  [03:31.64]Daddy, tell about when you rode broncs in the rodeo. 爸,说说你骑野马的事吧
  [03:37.16]Well, that’s a short story, honey. 那故事很短
  [03:39.96]It was only about three seconds I was on that bronc. 那才三秒,我骑在野马背上
  [03:44.92]The next thing I knew, I was flying through the air... 接着我就飞过空中
  [03:47.72]only I was no angel  可是我不是天使
  [03:49.80]like you and Jenny here. 不像你跟珍妮一样
  [03:51.12]I didn’t have no wings. 我没有翅膀
  [03:54.28]And that’s the story of my saddle bronc career. 那就是我的驯马生涯
  [04:23.08]There you go. 好了
  [04:31.28]You ought to get married again, Ennis. 你该再婚的,艾尼斯
  [04:32.64]Me and the girls worry about you bein’ alone so much. 我跟女儿们都担心你一个人
  [04:38.52]Well, once burned.... 一朝被蛇咬…
  [04:44.68]You still go fishing with Jack3 Twist? 你还跟杰克去钓鱼吗?
  [04:47.44]Not often. 不常
  [04:54.44]You know, I used to wonder how come you never brought any trouts home. 我曾怀疑你为何从不带鱼回家
  [04:57.12]and you know how me and the girls like fish. 而你也知道我跟女儿都爱吃鱼
  [05:04.04]So, one night, I got your creel case open... 所以有一晚,我打开你的鱼箱
  [05:05.92]night before you went on one of your little trips. 就在你们某次钓鱼之前
  [05:11.60]Price tag still on it after five years. 五年了,价格标签却还在
  [05:13.88]And I tied a note to the end of the line. 而我在另一端绑了一个字条
  [05:19.76]It said, ’’Hello, Ennis, bring some fish home. Love, Alma.’’ 上面写“老公,带点鱼回家”
  [05:24.72]And then you come back lookin’ all perky... 后来你回家
  [05:24.96]and said you caught a bunch of brownies and you ate them up. 神采奕奕的 说你抓到一堆鳟鱼
  [05:26.12]Do you remember? 还把它们都吃了,你记得吗?
  [05:33.68]I looked in that case first chance I got... and there was my note still tied there. 我去检查箱子,我的字条还在
  [05:35.96]That line hadn’t touched water in its life. 标签线完全没碰过水
  [05:37.68]That don’t mean nothing, Alma. 那不代表什么
  [05:39.72]Don’t try and fool me no more, Ennis. 别想再骗我了
  [05:43.20]I know what that means. Jack Twist. 我知道那代表什么,那个杰克
  [05:48.12]Alma.  艾玛
  [05:50.20]Jack ’’Nasty’’!You didn’t go up there to fish. 龌龊杰克!你们才不是去钓鱼
  [05:52.88]You and him-- 你跟他
  [05:53.48]Now you listen to me, you don’t know nothing about it 你给我听着,你啥都不知道
  [05:57.12](crying) I’m going to yell for Monroe. 我要叫蒙洛了
  [05:57.76]You do it and I’ll make you eat the fucking floor. 你叫啊 我会让他好看
  [06:00.64]And you, too! Get out! Get out! 出去!出去!你也一样
  [06:01.20]Get out! 出去!
  [06:02.00]Get out of my house, Ennis Del Mar2! You hear me? You get out! 出去!滚出我家! 你听见了!滚出去!
  [06:08.16](dishware shattering) 出去!
  [06:09.76]Daddy? 爸?
  [06:12.48]Alma? 艾玛?你还好吧?
  [06:13.56](Jenny) Bye, Daddy! 拜,爸
  [06:16.04](Alma Jr.) Bye. 拜!
  [06:33.12]Hey, asshole, watch where you’re goin’! 混蛋,走路要看路
  [06:37.48]Jesus. What....Jesus.... 搞什么!老天
  [06:39.96](driver) You stupid fuck! 你这个混帐东西
  [06:41.04]God damn! 该死的混蛋
  [06:47.16]God. God damn.Oh, fuck! 去你妈的!你该死!
  [07:00.68]Damn it! 该死!
  [07:46.40]All I’m sayin’ is 我是说
  [07:49.24]what’s the point of making it?If the taxes don’t get it,  那有什么意思?就算没缴税
  [07:52.92]the inflation will eat it all up. 通货膨胀也会吃光利润
  [08:00.52]You should see Lureen punchin’ numbers in her adding machine. 你该看萝琳算钱的样子
  [08:04.80]Hunting for extra zeros,  她打着计算机,找寻额外的0
  [08:07.28]her eyes gettin’ smaller and smaller. 她的眼睛越眯越小
  [08:08.56]It’s like watchin’ a rabbit tryin’ to... 就像看一只兔子
  [08:12.72]squeeze into a snake hole with a coyote on its taiI. 想躲进蛇洞里避难似的
  [08:15.04]That’s some high class entertainment, if you ask me. 那真是上流社会的娱乐
  [08:19.28]For what it’s worth. 一切都很值得
  [08:24.48]You and Lureen, it’s normAl and all? 你跟萝琳,你们正常吧?
  [08:31.20]Sure. 当然
  [08:35.52]She don’t ever suspect? 她没起过疑心?
  [08:46.60]You ever get the feelin’... 你有没有过一种感觉
  [08:48.28]I don’t know... 我不知道
  [08:52.88]when you’re in town... and someone looks at you... 当你进城,有人看着你
  [08:55.48]suspicious, like he knows. 用怀疑的眼光 好像他知情似的
  [08:59.56]Then you go out on the pavement and everyone’s lookin’ at you... 然后你走在人行道上
  [09:02.76]like they all know, too? 大家看你的眼光 好像啥都知道
  [09:10.08]Well, maybe you ought to get out of there, you know? 也许你该离开那里了
  [09:15.24]Find yourself someplace different, maybe Texas. 找个不一样的地方 也许德州?
  [09:19.92]Texas? 德州?
  [09:23.04]Sure, and maybe you can convince Alma... 当然,也许你能说服艾玛
  [09:24.00]to let you and Lureen adopt the girls. 让你跟萝琳认养我女儿
  [09:26.96]Then we could just live together, herdin’ sheep. 然后我们就能住一起,养羊
  [09:27.16]And it’ll rain money from L.D. Newsome... 你那有钱的岳父
  [09:30.04]and whiskey will flow in the streams.  会把钱给我们 溪里流着威士忌
  [09:33.12]Go to hell, Ennis Del Mar. 你去死吧,艾尼斯
  [09:33.48]Jack, that’s reAl smart. 杰克,那太聪明了
  [09:34.16]You wanna live your miserable4 fucking life? Then go right ahead. 你想悲惨度日,那就请便
  [09:38.84]Fine. 好
  [09:40.40]I was just thinkin’ out loud. 我只是说出我的想法
  [09:40.60]Yup, you’re a reAl thinker there. God damn.... 是啊,你想的还真周到
  [09:41.92]Jack fucking Twist. Got it all figured out, ain’t he? 唬烂杰克,事事都想得周全


1 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
2 mar f7Kzq     
  • It was not the custom for elderly people to mar the picnics with their presence.大人们照例不参加这样的野餐以免扫兴。
  • Such a marriage might mar your career.这样的婚姻说不定会毁了你的一生。
3 jack 53Hxp     
  • I am looking for the headphone jack.我正在找寻头戴式耳机插孔。
  • He lifted the car with a jack to change the flat tyre.他用千斤顶把车顶起来换下瘪轮胎。
4 miserable g18yk     
  • It was miserable of you to make fun of him.你取笑他,这是可耻的。
  • Her past life was miserable.她过去的生活很苦。
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