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   [00:03.06]He’s very abrupt1 and changeful. 他还真是喜怒无常 阴晴不定

  [00:03.38]By the river! 在河边!
  [00:07.78]What manner of man is he? 他是什么样的人?
  [00:09.82]He’s a good master. 他是个好主人
  [00:12.06]He’s fine company, too, when he... 也挺健谈的 当他...
  [00:16.60]Except when he’s in an ill humor. 除非他不高兴
  [00:19.86]Adele. 阿黛拉
  [00:33.42]I hate to reload. 我讨厌装弹药
  [01:04.14]On three. One, two, three. 数到三 一二三
  [01:07.50]Ready? 准备好了?
  [01:14.86]Think that’s it, sir. Take it down to the river. 先生 就这样吧  把它扔到河里去
  [01:22.10]Come on. 来啊
  [01:39.70]Keep it. 先放着
  [02:00.02]Take it away and disembowel it. 拿到一边去美吧
  [02:09.06]Beautiful. Miss Eyre. - 真漂亮 - 爱小姐
  [02:17.46]I’m not fond of children. 我不喜欢小孩
  [02:18.90]Nor do I particularly enjoy simple-minded old ladies. 对头脑简单的老妪也无感
  [02:23.18]But you might suit me, if you would. 但你也许可以帮到我
  [02:26.86]How, sir? 先生 怎么帮?
  [02:28.10]By distracting me from the mire2 of my thoughts. 救我于混乱不堪的思绪中
  [02:34.26]先生 万分感谢您的慷慨
  [02:38.78]That is how Maman used to say. 过去妈妈常这样说
  [02:40.06]Precisely. 一字不差
  [02:42.22]And that’s how she charmed my English gold 她就是这样把我的钱财骗走的
  [02:44.90]out of my English pocket.
  [02:49.10]Let’s go and try it on, shall we? 去试穿一下吧?
  [03:01.74]Your gaze is very direct, Miss Eyre. 爱小姐 您这样盯着我
  [03:04.98]Do you think me handsome? 是觉得我很英俊吗?
  [03:10.06]No, sir. 不 先生
  [03:11.06]What fault do you find with me? 我四肢健全 棱角分明 哪里不好看了?
  [03:11.58]I have all my limbs and features.
  [03:15.34]I beg your pardon, sir. 先生 对不起
  [03:18.54]I ought to have replied that beauty is of little consequence. 我本来想回答 样貌并不重要
  [03:26.58]You’re blushing, Miss Eyre. 爱小姐 您脸红了
  [03:30.94]And though you’re not pretty any more than I am handsome, 您不漂亮 正如我不英俊
  [03:34.06]I must say it becomes you. 这些都是命里注定的
  [03:42.30]And now I see you’re fascinated by the flowers on the rug. 眼下 地毯上的绒球 都比我有吸引力了
  [03:45.58]Come, speak to me. 陪我说说话
  [03:48.82]Fact is, Miss Eyre, I’d like to draw you out. 事实上 爱小姐  我想知道您的事
  [03:52.34]You have rather the look of another world about you. 您看起来好像不属于这世界
  [04:00.30]I don’t wish to treat you as inferior. 我不想把您当下人看待
  [04:02.58]Yet you’d command me to speak? 但您却命令我陪你说话?
  [04:06.74]Are you very hurt by my tone of command? 您不喜欢我的语气?
  [04:07.22]There are few masters who’d trouble to enquire3 很少有主人会去 关心他们雇来的人
  [04:10.90]whether their paid subordinates
  [04:11.30]were hurt by their commands. 是否会因为被命令而伤心
  [04:11.58]Paid subordinate? I’d forgotten the salary. 雇来的人? 我差点忘了
  [04:17.66]Well, on that mercenary ground, 那么既然如此
  [04:19.98]will you consent to speak as my equal 您能否跟我聊聊
  [04:22.42]without thinking that the request arises from insolence4? 别把这个请求看做 傲慢无礼的命令?
  [04:26.22]I’d never mistake informality for insolence, sir. 先生 不拘礼节和 傲慢无礼是不一样的
  [04:28.98]One, I rather like. The other, nothing freeborn should ever submit to. 前者 我乐意接受 后者 谁都不该屈从
  [04:31.30]Humbug. 胡说
  [04:35.06]Even for a salary. 哪怕你是雇主
  [04:36.46]Most free-born things would submit to anything for a salary. 多数人为了钱什么都肯屈从
  [04:42.74]But I mentally shake hands with you for your answer. 但您的一席之言让我心生敬意
  [04:47.42]Not three in 3,000 schoolgirl governesses 能以这番话来回答的家庭教师  三千人中绝不超过三个
  [04:49.30]would have answered me as you’ve just done.
  [04:49.90]Then you’ve not spent much time in our company, sir. 先生 是您没花时间去了解
  [04:52.38]I’m the same plain kind of bird as all the rest, 我和其他教师一样  平凡无奇
  [04:56.46]with my common tale of woe5. 只有平凡的故事
  [05:01.70]I envy you. 我嫉妒您
  [05:06.58]Your openness, your unpolluted mind. 您坦白直率 心灵纯洁
  [05:07.10]How? 怎么说?
  [05:11.14]When I was your age, fate dealt me a blow. 我在您这么大时 命运跟我开了一个玩笑
  [05:16.70]And since happiness is denied me, 既然幸福弃我而去
  [05:18.02]I’ve a right to get pleasure in its stead. 那何不以堕落来寻求快乐
  [05:19.70]And I will get it, cost what it may. 付出多大代价 我都要得到
  [05:24.58]Then you’ll degenerate6 still more. 代价就是变得更加堕落
  [05:27.98]But, Miss Eyre, 爱小姐 要是我说
  [05:32.30]if the pleasure I was seeking was sweet and fresh, 这能让我 得到甜蜜新奇的感受
  [05:37.06]if it was an inspiration, if it wore the robes of an angel of light, 能鼓舞我活下去 它披着 天使之光的外衣吸引我
  [05:42.78]what then? 那又如何?
  [05:49.02]To speak truth, sir, I don’t understand you at all. 先生 说实话  我给您说晕了
  [05:54.18]I fear the conversation has got out of my depth. 恐怕我无法跟您交流下去了
  [05:57.26]You’re afraid of me. 您怕我
  [05:59.14]I’m not afraid. I’ve simply no wish to talk nonsense. 不是怕 只是不想说胡话
  [06:12.46]Do you never laugh, Miss Eyre? 爱小姐 您从来不笑吗?
  [06:17.54]Only rarely, perhaps. 估计难得一见
  [06:20.82]But you’re not naturally austere7, 但您并非天生严肃
  [06:23.14]any more than I’m naturally vicious. 就像我并非天生堕落
  [06:25.98]I can see in you the glance of a curious sort of bird 透过牢笼密布的铁栅栏
  [06:29.78]through the close-set bars of a cage, 我可以瞥见那好奇的目光
  [06:31.78]a vivid, restless captive. 一个鲜活的 不安分的囚徒
  [06:37.14]Were it but free, it would soar, cloud-high. 一旦自由 便会翱翔高空
  [07:09.06]Leah, have you seen Mrs. Poole? 你看见普尔太太了吗?
  [07:10.74]The master’s in no mood for any more mistakes. 主人要求万无一失
  [07:12.34]Yes, ma’am. 是的 夫人
  [07:43.62]Who’s there? 谁在那儿?
  [08:21.62]Wake up, sir! Wake up! Sir! Wake up! 先生! 醒醒! 醒醒!
  [08:42.70]The quilt! Give it here! 被子! 给我!
  [09:14.70]A noise aroused me from my sleep. 一个声音把我吵醒了
  [09:20.38]What noise? 什么声音?
  [09:21.62]There was someone at my door. 有人在我门外
  [09:28.94]Stay here. 待在这儿
  [09:34.74]Don’t make a sound. 别出声


1 abrupt 2fdyh     
  • The river takes an abrupt bend to the west.这河突然向西转弯。
  • His abrupt reply hurt our feelings.他粗鲁的回答伤了我们的感情。
2 mire 57ZzT     
  • I don't want my son's good name dragged through the mire.我不想使我儿子的名誉扫地。
  • He has rescued me from the mire of misery.他把我从苦海里救了出来。
3 enquire 2j5zK     
  • She wrote to enquire the cause of the delay.她只得写信去询问拖延的理由。
  • We will enquire into the matter.我们将调查这事。
4 insolence insolence     
  • I've had enough of your insolence, and I'm having no more. 我受够了你的侮辱,不能再容忍了。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • How can you suffer such insolence? 你怎么能容忍这种蛮横的态度? 来自《简明英汉词典》
5 woe OfGyu     
  • Our two peoples are brothers sharing weal and woe.我们两国人民是患难与共的兄弟。
  • A man is well or woe as he thinks himself so.自认祸是祸,自认福是福。
6 degenerate 795ym     
  • He didn't let riches and luxury make him degenerate.他不因财富和奢华而自甘堕落。
  • Will too much freedom make them degenerate?太多的自由会令他们堕落吗?
7 austere GeIyW     
  • His way of life is rather austere.他的生活方式相当简朴。
  • The room was furnished in austere style.这间屋子的陈设都很简单朴素。
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