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   [00:03.38]From Spanish Town, Jamaica. 从牙买加的西班牙城来

  [00:05.66]And indeed I think he does come from some hot place 他确实来自那个炎热的地方
  [00:07.90]because he won’t take off his coat. 因为他不肯脱下外套
  [00:09.74]Mr. Richard Mason. 理查德·梅森先生
  [00:12.26]I’ve put him in the morning room. 我让他在早餐室等
  [00:15.02]Have I done wrong? 我做错了吗?
  [00:20.10]Bring him to my study. 带他去书房
  [00:28.74]Jane, this is a blow. 简 可能有点唐突
  [00:34.10]If I were to go to those people 但如果我身边的那些人
  [00:37.98]and they looked at me coldly and sneered1, 嘲笑我 唾弃我 然后一个个离去
  [00:39.06]and then left me one by one,
  [00:40.10]what would you do? Would you go with them? 你呢? 会同他们一起走吗?
  [00:44.26]No, sir. I’d stay with you. 不 先生
  [00:49.62]You’d dare condemnation2 for my sake? 你愿为我受人责难?
  [00:50.58]For the sake of any friend who deserved it. 为朋友值得如此
  [00:59.66]Richard. 理查德
  [01:02.82]Fairfax. 费尔法克斯
  [01:07.54]How the devil are you? 你小子还好吗?
  [01:09.42]Splendid. 很好
  [01:12.98]I’m sorry. I see you have guests. 抱歉 你有客人啊
  [01:15.58]’Tis no trouble. Come. 没事 来吧
  [01:35.14]What on Earth was that? 那到底是什么?
  [01:36.86]Where is Rochester? Wait for me. -罗切斯特在哪? - 在这儿等我
  [01:42.34]I’m here. Be composed. A servant has had a nightmare, that’s all. 我来了 镇静点 有个下人做了噩梦
  [01:46.38]I must see you back into your rooms 都回房间去吧
  [01:48.54]she can’t be properly looked after. 就没法照料她
  [01:48.98]because until the house is settled, 不先把你们安顿好
  [01:51.66]Is there anything I might do? 我能做些什么?
  [01:55.06]Miss Ingram, ladies, please, 英格拉姆小姐 女士们
  [01:55.60]return to your nests like the doves that you are. 乖乖地回房去吧
  [02:00.82]I assure you, all is well. 我保证一切安好
  [02:02.78]Noisy old house. 吵闹的老房子
  [02:04.26]Come, my lily flower. 来吧 我的心肝
  [02:06.30]I told you it was nothing. 我都说了没事的
  [02:10.62]Please. 请吧
  [02:18.62]Come with me. 跟我来
  [02:39.14]Can you clean this? 你能帮着清理下吗?
  [02:50.50]Yes. 可以
  [02:53.58]Drink, Richard. It will give you the strength you lack. 理查德 喝吧 这能补充能量
  [02:55.10]Will it hurt me? Drink! - 我会死吗? - 喝!
  [02:56.98]I must go for the doctor. 我得去找医生
  [02:58.86]Sponge the blood away when it returns. 血一流出来就用海绵吸干
  [03:00.34]Give him water if he wants it. 如果他想喝水 就喂他
  [03:03.54]Do not speak to him for any reason. 千万别跟他说话
  [03:05.22]And, Richard, 理查德
  [03:08.62]on pain of death, do not speak to her. 你跟她说话就死定了
  [04:57.02]How does he? 他怎么样了?
  [04:59.50]He is sleeping. 睡着了
  [05:03.82]Hurry, Carter. Be on alert. 卡特 快点 做好准备
  [05:04.02]The sun will soon rise and he must be gone. 太阳就快出来了 必须要送他走
  [05:05.90]Let’s have a look, shall we? 我来看下
  [05:09.14]Flesh is torn as well as cut. 肉是被刀切开的
  [05:10.54]Very, very unpleasant. 情况不乐观
  [05:21.70]Fairfax. Drive! - 费尔法克斯 - 走吧!
  [05:43.34]It’s a strange night you’ve passed. 你受累了
  [05:48.26]Yes, sir. 是的 先生
  [05:50.50]You showed no fear. 你不害怕
  [05:52.70]I was afraid of the inner room. 我怕有人会从内室走出来
  [05:55.58]Mr. Rochester, who did that violence? 罗切斯特先生 那是谁干的?
  [05:56.26]You were in no danger. 你很安全
  [05:58.14]I cannot tell you. 我不能说
  [06:01.82]Why do you protect them? 为什么要保护这个人?
  [06:06.10]I drag through life a capital error. 我犯下了 一个大错
  [06:09.18]Its consequence blights3 my existence. 后果 让我痛苦每一天
  [06:11.02]For years, I’ve sought to escape it. 多年来 我都在逃避
  [06:15.18]This spring, I came home heart-sore and soul-withered. 今年春天  我心力交瘁地回到家里
  [06:21.54]And I met a gentle stranger whose society revives me. 遇见了一位让我振作的人
  [06:25.82]With her, I feel I could live again 和她在一起 感觉又活过来了
  [06:26.98]in a higher, purer way. 心绪都平复了
  [06:33.14]am I justified4 in overleaping an obstacle of custom to attain5 her? 我是否应当越过 世俗的障碍和她在一起?
  [06:33.30]Tell me, 告诉我
  [06:41.10]There is an obstacle? 有障碍吗?
  [06:42.10]A mere6 conventional impediment. 传统的偏见而已
  [06:45.22]But what can it be? 是什么呢?
  [06:47.94]then fortune alone cannot impede7 you. 财产问题微不足道
  [06:48.06]If you cherish an affection, sir, 先生 如果你珍视这份感情
  [06:54.26]Yes. 是的
  [06:54.60]and has indicated that she may reciprocate8... 而且她也对您有意...
  [06:55.06]And if the lady is of noble stock 如果这位小姐出身贵族
  [07:01.42]Jane, of whom do you think I speak? 简 你以为我在说谁?
  [07:05.06]Of Miss Ingram. 英格拉姆小姐
  [07:09.22]I’m asking what Jane Eyre would do to secure my happiness? 我在问你 简·爱 如何给我快乐?
  [07:12.62]I would do anything for you, sir. 先生 任何事都可以
  [07:16.78]Anything that was right. 只要是对的事
  [07:21.18]You transfix me quite. 我该拿你怎么办?
  [07:27.86]I feel I can speak to you now 那现在就说说我的心上人吧
  [07:28.34]of my lovely one,
  [07:30.34]for you’ve met her and you know her. 你见过她 认识她了
  [07:35.78]She’s a rare one, isn’t she? 她不可多得 是吗?
  [07:38.90]Fresh and healthy, 青春 健康
  [07:41.38]without soil or taint9. 纯洁 无暇
  [07:48.10]I’m sure she’ll regenerate10 me with a vengeance11. 念一念咒语 便能让我重生


1 sneered 0e3b5b35e54fb2ad006040792a867d9f     
讥笑,冷笑( sneer的过去式和过去分词 )
  • He sneered at people who liked pop music. 他嘲笑喜欢流行音乐的人。
  • It's very discouraging to be sneered at all the time. 成天受嘲讽是很令人泄气的。
2 condemnation 2pSzp     
n.谴责; 定罪
  • There was widespread condemnation of the invasion. 那次侵略遭到了人们普遍的谴责。
  • The jury's condemnation was a shock to the suspect. 陪审团宣告有罪使嫌疑犯大为震惊。
3 blights dfc4191d6f7a4377123865e38fb444b0     
使凋萎( blight的第三人称单数 ); 使颓丧; 损害; 妨害
  • The crops suffered from frequent blights. 农作物经常遭受病虫害。
  • New England was accustomed to didacticism in its literature, and unmitigated didacticism blights the novel. 新英格兰习惯于在文学里说教,可是一味说教,小说就要完蛋。
4 justified 7pSzrk     
  • She felt fully justified in asking for her money back. 她认为有充分的理由要求退款。
  • The prisoner has certainly justified his claims by his actions. 那个囚犯确实已用自己的行动表明他的要求是正当的。
5 attain HvYzX     
  • I used the scientific method to attain this end. 我用科学的方法来达到这一目的。
  • His painstaking to attain his goal in life is praiseworthy. 他为实现人生目标所下的苦功是值得称赞的。
6 mere rC1xE     
  • That is a mere repetition of what you said before.那不过是重复了你以前讲的话。
  • It's a mere waste of time waiting any longer.再等下去纯粹是浪费时间。
7 impede FcozA     
  • One shouldn't impede other's progress.一个人不应该妨碍他人进步。
  • The muddy roads impede our journey.我们的旅游被泥泞的道路阻挠了。
8 reciprocate ZA5zG     
  • Although she did not reciprocate his feelings, she did not discourage him.尽管她没有回应他的感情,她也没有使他丧失信心。
  • Some day I will reciprocate your kindness to me.总有一天我会报答你对我的恩德。
9 taint MIdzu     
  • Everything possible should be done to free them from the economic taint.应尽可能把他们从经济的腐蚀中解脱出来。
  • Moral taint has spread among young people.道德的败坏在年轻人之间蔓延。
10 regenerate EU2xV     
  • Their aim is to regenerate British industry.他们的目的是复兴英国的工业。
  • Although it is not easy,you have the power to regenerate your life.尽管这不容易,但你有使生活重获新生的能力。
11 vengeance wL6zs     
  • He swore vengeance against the men who murdered his father.他发誓要向那些杀害他父亲的人报仇。
  • For years he brooded vengeance.多年来他一直在盘算报仇。
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