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   [00:00.48]You look ridiculous. 你看起来傻透了

  [00:02.96]This game is ridiculous. 是这个游戏傻透了
  [00:10.00]Excuse me, sir. 先生 打扰一下
  [00:20.12]Does that creeping creature want you? 这个可憎的下人找你干什么?
  [00:21.80]Excuse me. 失陪了
  [00:32.56]This is from my old nurse, Bessie. 我幼时保姆贝茜的来信
  [00:36.36]She says my cousin John Reed is dead. 她说我的表兄 约翰·里德死了
  [00:38.84]He squandered1 his fortune and has committed suicide. 花光了财产后自杀了
  [00:42.40]it’s brought on a stroke. 导致她中风了
  [00:42.80]The news has so shocked my aunt, 这消息吓坏了我舅妈
  [00:45.16]What, the aunt who cast you out? 那个赶走你的舅妈?
  [00:49.24]She’s been asking for me. 她要见我
  [00:53.12]I parted from her badly and I can’t neglect her wishes now. 我走的时候对她恶言相向 现在 不该再无视她的请求
  [01:02.56]Promise me you won’t stay long. 答应我 快点回来
  [01:09.76]Mr. Rochester, I’ve had no wages. 罗切斯特先生 我还没领工钱
  [01:10.36]I need funds for my journey. 我需要路费
  [01:16.00]Thirty pounds. 三十英镑
  [01:16.72]How much do I owe you? 我欠你多少?
  [01:30.84]Here’s 50. 给你五十
  [01:32.88]That’s too much. 太多了
  [01:35.76]I cannot. 不要
  [01:36.28]Take your wages, Jane. 简 拿着
  [01:39.24]Then I only have 10. 那只有十英镑了
  [01:48.92]Now you owe me. 剩下的算你欠我的
  [01:49.12]Indeed I do. 那就先欠着吧
  [01:51.68]Meantime, I shall safeguard it here. 我会为你保存好的
  [01:59.56]Do you trust me to keep it? 你相信我不会赖账吧?
  [02:01.60]Not a whit2, sir. 先生 我不信
  [02:05.72]You are not to be trusted at all. 你是个完全不可信的人
  [02:30.24]Jane Eyre. 简·爱
  [02:33.16]I’ve twice done you wrong. 我做了两件对不起你的事
  [02:39.12]And I broke the vow3 I made to Reed. 我违背了对丈夫的承诺
  [02:41.12]Please, don’t think of it. 现在就不要想这些了
  [02:46.84]Open that box. 打开盒子
  [02:55.44]Take out the letter and read it. 拿出信 读一读
  [03:01.16]"Madam, "夫人"
  [03:04.24]"will you have the goodness to send me "可否请您好心告知 我侄女简·爱的地址?"
  [03:05.16]"the address of my niece, Jane Eyre?
  [03:10.84]"I desire her to come to me at Madeira. "我希望她能来马德拉找我"
  [03:13.12]"Fortune has blessed my endeavors, "通过努力 我有了些积蓄 但无子嗣 我想收养她"
  [03:16.08]"and bequeath her at my death whatever I may have to leave. "并在死后让她继承财产"
  [03:16.68]"and as I am childless, I wish to adopt her
  [03:21.28]"Yours, John Eyre, Madeira." "爱您的约翰·爱 写于马德拉"
  [03:26.12]This is dated three years ago. Why did I never hear of it? 这是三年前的信 为什么我不知道?
  [03:34.76]Because I wrote and told him 因为我回信给他
  [03:37.64]you’d died of typhus at Lowood School. 说你患上斑疹伤寒  死在劳渥德了
  [03:43.92]You called the names of the dead down upon me. 你以死者的名义诅咒我
  [03:49.36]You cursed me. 你出言不逊
  [03:54.56]I would have loved you if you’d let me. 是您摒弃我的爱
  [03:59.24]You were born to be my torment4. 你天生是我的克星
  [04:09.88]Then love me or hate me as you will. 那随便您如何待我吧
  [04:13.16]You have my full and free forgiveness. 我原谅您了
  [04:18.52]Be at peace. 愿您安息
  [04:32.44]My dear uncle, "亲爱的舅舅"
  [04:32.72]Some years ago, my Aunt Reed mistakenly informed you that I had died. "几年前 里德舅妈 让您误以为我死了"
  [04:38.40]I am writing to tell you that I’m very much alive "现在我写信来 告知您我安好"
  [04:40.80]and gratified to find I have a relative. "而且很高兴得知 自己还有个亲人"
  [04:42.44]I look forward to our correspondence, "我期待着您的来信"
  [04:46.36]hoping one day we may meet. "希望有天可以见到您"
  [04:47.76]I’m currently living at Thornfield Hall, "我现在住在桑菲尔德庄园"
  [04:49.80]where I am governess to the ward5 of Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester. "我在这担任爱德华·费尔法克斯 罗切斯特养女的家庭教师"
  [04:59.68]Ah. There you are. 回来啦
  [05:03.56]Just like one of your tricks, 跟以前的小把戏一样
  [05:04.52]to steal in along with the twilight6. 从黄昏深处突然出现
  [05:10.00]If I dared I’d touch you to see if you were real. 来 给我手 看看是不是真的
  [05:13.80]Come, Jane. 简 来吧
  [05:17.76]Stay your wandering feet at a friend’s threshold. 别对朋友的迎接心存疑虑
  [05:24.40]Thank you, Mr. Rochester, for your great kindness. 罗切斯特先生 谢谢您的迎接
  [05:29.00]I’m strangely glad to get back again. 回来感觉莫名的开心
  [05:38.52]There’s been nothing official yet, 还没公开就是了
  [05:41.44]but he’s ordered jewels from his bank 但他已让人从银行取出珠宝
  [05:44.08]and he’s making preparations to travel to Europe. 也做好了去欧洲游玩的准备
  [05:59.72]Mademoiselle. 老师
  [06:03.08]He’s taken to singing, 他还去学唱歌
  [06:05.88]the operas Miss Ingram favors so well. 曲目都是英格拉姆小姐 最喜欢的歌剧
  [06:07.08]We’ll hear their announcement soon, I’m sure. 肯定很快会公诸于世了
  [06:39.68]You are to be married. 您要结婚了
  [06:44.72]I see Mrs. Fairfax has intimated my intention 看来费尔法克斯太太 已经跟你透露了
  [06:47.60]to put my neck into the sacred noose7. 提前把我送进婚姻的牢笼
  [06:50.08]and I must seek another situation. 我要另找工作了
  [06:56.56]Congratulations, sir. 先生 恭喜您
  [07:23.40]Thornfield is a pleasant place in spring, isn’t it? 桑菲尔德庄园的 春天很宜人吧?
  [07:27.48]Yes, sir. 是的 先生
  [07:28.16]You’ll be sorry to part with it. 你肯定舍不得离开
  [07:31.04]It’s always the way with events in life. 生活里的偶发事件很多
  [07:34.64]than a voice cries, "Rise and move on!" 就有个声音在你耳边喊 "起来 继续上路吧!"
  [07:34.76]No sooner have you got settled 还没等你在一个地方安定
  [07:38.68]I’ll find you a new situation, Jane, 简 我会帮你找个好去处的
  [07:41.32]one I hope that you’ll accept. 希望你能接受
  [07:44.40]I shall be ready when your order to march comes. 有合适的 我就立刻动身
  [07:46.96]Must I really lose a faithful paid subordinate such as yourself? 我非得失去你这个 忠诚的雇员吗?
  [07:52.04]You must. 必须的
  [07:54.40]We’ve been good friends, haven’t we? 我们是好朋友吧?
  [07:57.28]Yes, sir. 是的 先生
  [08:03.08]I’ve a strange feeling with regard to you, 我有个奇怪的感觉
  [08:05.52]as if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs8, 仿佛在我的左肋处有根弦
  [08:09.92]tightly knotted to a similar string in you. 与你身躯里的 那一根紧紧相连
  [08:14.12]I’m afraid that cord of communion would snap. 这根弦就会断裂
  [08:14.80]And if you were to leave, 一旦分离
  [08:20.36]And I’ve a notion that I’d take to bleeding inwardly. 我想 自己会因此悲伤不已
  [08:27.20]As for you, you’d forget me. 而你 则会忘了我
  [08:30.12]How? 怎么可能?
  [08:33.88]I have lived a full life here. 我在这里过得那么充实
  [08:35.04]I have not been trampled9 on. 不会被人羞辱 不会因恐惧而呆滞
  [08:37.48]I have not been petrified10.
  [08:40.56]I have not been excluded from every glimpse of what is bright. 每一个人都不会无视我的存在
  [08:42.10]I have known you, Mr. Rochester, 罗切斯特先生  我还认识了你
  [08:45.60]and it strikes me with anguish11 to be torn from you. 想到要与你分开 我的心就难以言喻的疼痛
  [08:51.40]Then why must you leave? 那为什么还要走?
  [08:53.04]Because of your wife! 因为你妻子!
  [08:53.48]But you are to be married. 但你就快结婚了
  [08:54.44]I have no wife. 我没有妻子
  [08:56.64]Jane, you must stay. 简 留下来
  [08:58.92]And become nothing to you? 做个无谓的存在?
  [09:01.28]Am I a machine without feelings? 你以为我没有感情吗?
  [09:05.08]Do you think that because I am poor, obscure, plain and little 就因为我贫穷 卑微 弱小
  [09:09.48]that I am soulless and heartless? 就是个没心没肺的人?
  [09:12.92]I have as much soul as you and full as much heart. 我跟你一样都是血肉之躯
  [09:15.92]And if God had blessed me with beauty and wealth, 要是上帝眷顾我 赐我美貌和财富
  [09:17.40]I could make it as hard for you to leave me 那你肯定无法轻易离开我
  [09:18.72]as it is for I to leave you. 就如我现在难以离开你一样
  [09:22.80]I’m not speaking to you through mortal flesh. 这不是我在同你言说
  [09:25.44]It is my spirit that addresses your spirit, 而是你我的灵魂在交谈
  [09:27.88]as if we’d passed through the grave and stood at God’s feet, equal, 好似站在上帝的面前 平等地与彼此对话
  [09:32.12]as we are. As we are. - 就像现在 - 就像现在
  [09:38.32]I am a free human being with an independent will, 我是个自由人  可以按自己的意愿行事
  [09:38.80]which I now exert to leave you. 我会离开的
  [09:40.28]Then let your will decide your destiny. 那就让你的意愿来决定
  [09:44.28]I offer you my hand, my heart. 我献上自己的双手 自己的心
  [09:46.32]Jane, 简
  [09:49.60]I ask you to pass through life at my side. 我请求你与我相伴一生
  [09:53.40]You are my equal and my likeness12. 你就如同另一个我
  [09:56.20]Will you marry me? 你愿意嫁给我吗?
  [09:59.76]Are you mocking me? 你这是在嘲弄我吗?


1 squandered 330b54102be0c8433b38bee15e77b58a     
v.(指钱,财产等)浪费,乱花( squander的过去式和过去分词 )
  • He squandered all his money on gambling. 他把自己所有的钱都糟蹋在赌博上了。
  • She felt as indignant as if her own money had been squandered. 她心里十分生气,好像是她自己的钱给浪费掉了似的。 来自飘(部分)
2 whit TgXwI     
  • There's not a whit of truth in the statement.这声明里没有丝毫的真实性。
  • He did not seem a whit concerned.他看来毫不在乎。
3 vow 0h9wL     
  • My parents are under a vow to go to church every Sunday.我父母许愿,每星期日都去做礼拜。
  • I am under a vow to drink no wine.我已立誓戒酒。
4 torment gJXzd     
  • He has never suffered the torment of rejection.他从未经受过遭人拒绝的痛苦。
  • Now nothing aggravates me more than when people torment each other.没有什么东西比人们的互相折磨更使我愤怒。
5 ward LhbwY     
  • The hospital has a medical ward and a surgical ward.这家医院有内科病房和外科病房。
  • During the evening picnic,I'll carry a torch to ward off the bugs.傍晚野餐时,我要点根火把,抵挡蚊虫。
6 twilight gKizf     
  • Twilight merged into darkness.夕阳的光辉融于黑暗中。
  • Twilight was sweet with the smell of lilac and freshly turned earth.薄暮充满紫丁香和新翻耕的泥土的香味。
7 noose 65Zzd     
  • They tied a noose round her neck.他们在她脖子上系了一个活扣。
  • A hangman's noose had already been placed around his neck.一个绞刑的绳圈已经套在他的脖子上。
8 ribs 24fc137444401001077773555802b280     
n.肋骨( rib的名词复数 );(船或屋顶等的)肋拱;肋骨状的东西;(织物的)凸条花纹
  • He suffered cracked ribs and bruising. 他断了肋骨还有挫伤。
  • Make a small incision below the ribs. 在肋骨下方切开一个小口。
9 trampled 8c4f546db10d3d9e64a5bba8494912e6     
踩( trample的过去式和过去分词 ); 践踏; 无视; 侵犯
  • He gripped his brother's arm lest he be trampled by the mob. 他紧抓着他兄弟的胳膊,怕他让暴民踩着。
  • People were trampled underfoot in the rush for the exit. 有人在拼命涌向出口时被踩在脚下。
10 petrified 2e51222789ae4ecee6134eb89ed9998d     
  • I'm petrified of snakes. 我特别怕蛇。
  • The poor child was petrified with fear. 这可怜的孩子被吓呆了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
11 anguish awZz0     
  • She cried out for anguish at parting.分手时,她由于痛苦而失声大哭。
  • The unspeakable anguish wrung his heart.难言的痛苦折磨着他的心。
12 likeness P1txX     
  • I think the painter has produced a very true likeness.我认为这位画家画得非常逼真。
  • She treasured the painted likeness of her son.她珍藏她儿子的画像。
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