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英语听力:听电影学英语-口是心非 02

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  [00:01.96]Make it tomorrow. 改成明天
[00:05.00]Reschedule. 重新安排时间
[00:06.68]You've got a premium1 diaper teleconference 还有一个尿不湿的电话会议
[00:08.68]- at 4:15. - Tape it. - 在4点15 - 把它录下来
[00:09.36]The nasal decongestant rebranding numbers are in. 鼻血管充血药团队进来了
[00:13.76]- They wanted 15 minutes at around... - Cancel! - 他们需要15分钟左右 - 取消
[00:13.84]And the toothpaste. And the car wax dinner. Cancel it all. 还有牙膏,车蜡晚宴 通通取消
[00:23.92]RICHARD: All right, let's have a look at me. 好的,让我们看看
[00:30.64]There should be another vehicle. 这应该有另一辆车
[00:33.76]Yeah. Change of plans. You're going with them. 计划有变,你和他们一起走
[00:35.80]Everybody's going. Let's go, come on. Get out there and sell it, folks! 所有人都出发,我们走,快点 把它卖了,伙计们
[00:38.00]Go, go, go! Come on! Get the hell out of here! 走,走,走,快点! 快出去
[00:50.04]Get out! Leave it running. Leave it running. I'm driving. 出来,别熄火 别熄火,我要开
[01:04.24]DALE: This is starting to look pretty good. 现在看起来很好
[01:06.72]DUKE: I can't even tell them apart. Which one is the new one? 我几乎不能辨别他们 哪一个是新的
[01:10.24]- This is 16. - That's a match. - 这是16 - 是吻合的
[01:10.60]Right here. 就这
[01:15.28]Boris, handwriting? Boris,笔迹呢?
[01:18.96]Hundred percent. It's Howard Tully. 百分百是Howard Tully
[01:21.84]DUKE: All right. Burkett & Randle, here we come! 好的,Burkett&Randle,我们来了
[01:24.10]Guys? 伙计们?
[01:28.72]RICHARD: Duke? I'm locked out. Again. Duke?我又一次被关在外面了
[01:33.20]Yeah, I'm standing2 right outside. 对,我就在外面站着
[01:37.04]Of course it's me! Who the hell else has this number? 当然是我!到底谁还有这个号码
[01:42.96]Yeah, okay. Duke, you know, for all the money that I'm spending on this, 哦,对,Duke 看在我为它花的钱的份上
[01:45.00]you could've given me a code that I can remember. 你应该给我一个我能记住的代码
[01:47.32]Sir! 先生!
[01:58.40]What the hell is this? 这到底是什么?
[02:08.44]Why are we here? 我们为什么在这里?
[02:12.24]We are here today because the rules have changed. 我们因为规则更改了才在这里的
[02:16.40]We're here because the fabric3 of integrity has been so abused and mangled4 我们在这里因为正直的品格正在被损毁
[02:22.88]that it is little more than a threadbare memory. 比陈腐的记忆还略胜一筹
[02:27.88]We're here because it's no longer enough to have the best ideas, 我们在这里因为仅有好的创意已远远不够
[02:29.52]or the best manufacturing, or the best pipeline5 to deliver your product. 最好的制造方式 最好的物流都远远不够
[02:35.68]"We're here today because we find ourselves in a world where duplicity and theft 我们在这里因为这世界充满了口是心非与盗窃
[02:41.68]"are tested daily as replacements6 for innovation and perseverance7." 并在日益取代创新和毅力
[02:48.36]"Tested daily." What a bunch of crap. Can you believe this? 日益取代,一堆废话,你能够相信吗?
[02:51.72]This from a guy who bought a dump so he could go through our garbage. 这话来自一个倒霉鬼
[02:54.72]I believe the history of all successful endeavors 我相信历史上所有努力获得成功的故事
[02:58.60]can be reduced to a series of decisive moments. 可以归结为一些关键时刻
[03:01.56]"There are moments in the history of all things 在这历史性的时刻中
[03:03.72]"where the placement of a single..." “一个重要决策...”
[03:08.12]...where the placement of a single molecule8 can make the difference 一个重要决策的细节
[03:09.72]between triumph and catastrophe9. 将决定成败
[03:14.16]I mean, who the hell writes with a fountain pen anymore? 现在谁还用钢笔写字呢?
[03:15.04]For Christ's sake. How fricking pretentious10 is that? 天啊,这是多么狂妄啊
[03:17.64]This room we're in now, this entire program, 我们所在的这个房间,整个项目
[03:22.84]was created in anticipation11 of just such a moment. 是在这一时刻的预期下创造的
[03:26.48]You people are the very best at what you do. 你们都是所在行业的精英
[03:29.60]You were chosen by that standard. You've been paid and treated accordingly. 你们是严格选拔出来的 并相应的享有很高的待遇
[03:37.64]And you have never been tested as you are about to be tested. 而你们还没有接受过即将到来的这种考验
[03:42.28]"Burkett & Randle will be rolling out a new product Burkett & Randle在不远的将来
[03:46.60]"in the very near future." 推出一款新产品
[03:51.88]And while I cannot reveal the nature of this product, 此刻我不能透露产品的特性
[03:54.04]believe me when I tell you that simply by announcing its development... 仅仅告诉你们它的进展情况
[03:59.08]"...B&R will be dramatically repositioned at the summit of the global marketplace." B&R会给全球市场带来一次洗牌
[04:07.36]I don't need to explain to anybody in this room 我想不用再强调
[04:08.52]why the scope, the details, the very existence of this project 为什么这个产品涉及的领域 细节 以及这个项目的存在
[04:11.20]must be so carefully protected. 必须严格保密
[04:16.68]I expect your best in days to come, 希望各位以最好的状态迎接即将到来的日子
[04:18.16]and I promise you, if we stay focused and vigilant12, 我保证,如果我们专注和警惕
[04:23.44]we will, all of us... 我们,所有人将会...
[04:26.56]"...prosper13." ...功成名就
[04:31.80]What the hell does he have over there? 他到底再搞什么?
[04:36.76]Dick? Dick? Don't go dark on me now. Dick?Dick?别失望
[04:38.84]Dick! Dick!
[04:41.96]We gotta stay positive. Hey, look around. 我们应该保持乐观,想想看
[04:46.24]This is why we're here. 我们就是因为这个才来这里
[04:47.92]When you came to me, that first conversation, this is it. 你找我第一次谈话就是这个
[04:50.88]This is why we built the unit. 这是我们建立这个部门的原因
[04:54.88]- I know what he's doing. - Dick. Dick! - 我知道他在做什么 - Dick,Dick!
[04:58.64]Look at me. This is a great team we've got here. 看着我 我们现在拥有一个伟大的团队
[04:59.52]RICHARD: Mmm-hmm. 恩,恩


1 premium EPSxX     
  • You have to pay a premium for express delivery.寄快递你得付额外费用。
  • Fresh water was at a premium after the reservoir was contaminated.在水库被污染之后,清水便因稀而贵了。
2 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
3 fabric 3hezG     
  • The fabric will spot easily.这种织品很容易玷污。
  • I don't like the pattern on the fabric.我不喜欢那块布料上的图案。
4 mangled c6ddad2d2b989a3ee0c19033d9ef021b     
  • His hand was mangled in the machine. 他的手卷到机器里轧烂了。
  • He was off work because he'd mangled his hand in a machine. 他没上班,因为他的手给机器严重压伤了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
5 pipeline aNUxN     
  • The pipeline supplies Jordan with 15 per cent of its crude oil.该管道供给约旦15%的原油。
  • A single pipeline serves all the houses with water.一条单管路给所有的房子供水。
6 replacements 1f6e0d51ec9f57961e86b4aa2e91ef29     
n.代替( replacement的名词复数 );替换的人[物];替代品;归还
  • They infiltrated behind the lines so as to annoy the emery replacements. 他们渗透敌后以便骚扰敌军的调度。 来自辞典例句
  • For oil replacements, cheap suddenly looks less of a problem. 对于石油的替代品来说,价格变得无足轻重了。 来自互联网
7 perseverance oMaxH     
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8 molecule Y6Tzn     
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9 catastrophe WXHzr     
  • I owe it to you that I survived the catastrophe.亏得你我才大难不死。
  • This is a catastrophe beyond human control.这是一场人类无法控制的灾难。
10 pretentious lSrz3     
  • He is a talented but pretentious writer.他是一个有才华但自命不凡的作家。
  • Speaking well of yourself would only make you appear conceited and pretentious.自夸只会使你显得自负和虚伪。
11 anticipation iMTyh     
  • We waited at the station in anticipation of her arrival.我们在车站等着,期待她的到来。
  • The animals grew restless as if in anticipation of an earthquake.各种动物都变得焦躁不安,像是感到了地震即将发生。
12 vigilant ULez2     
  • He has to learn how to remain vigilant through these long nights.他得学会如何在这漫长的黑夜里保持警觉。
  • The dog kept a vigilant guard over the house.这只狗警醒地守护着这所房屋。
13 prosper iRrxC     
  • With her at the wheel,the company began to prosper.有了她当主管,公司开始兴旺起来。
  • It is my earnest wish that this company will continue to prosper.我真诚希望这家公司会继续兴旺发达。
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