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英语听力:听电影学英语-平民天后 02

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  [00:01.66]You there without me. 一个人,没有我陪同就去那里了.
[00:03.98]Mom, that's about all the combinations 妈,你用这几个词
[00:04.86]of those words you can make. 最多就只能组合成这几句话了.
[00:08.66]Lizzie, this is a big day for you, sweetheart. 丽兹, 今天对你意义非凡,宝贝.
[00:12.22]He's going to quote a dead guy. 他要引用古人的话了.
[00:14.78]As William Shakespeare wrote, "Be not afraid of greatness: 威廉莎士比亚写到 “不要惧怕伟大,
[00:19.26]some are born great, some achieve greatness, 一些人生就伟大;一些人追求伟大
[00:20.78]and some have greatness thrust upon them." 另有一些人迫于形势而成就伟大”
[00:21.78]Thanks, Dad, but I'm just trying to get through graduation. 谢谢,老爹,但我只想快点毕业.
[00:25.74]Greatness can wait till this nightmare's over. 伟大的事情,等这恶梦结束再说.
[00:28.98]So, do I look okay? 我看上起还好吗?
[00:30.30]Hey, Gordo. 嘿, 戈多.
[00:33.06]You should talk to Miranda about this. 你该和米兰达讨论这个.
[00:33.18]I'm your guy best friend. 我是你好朋友,但我是男生.
[00:36.26]But she's in Mexico City. 但她在墨西哥城呢.
[00:37.86]Yes. Your blue robe looks way cooler 是啊,你的兰袍子看起来
[00:41.82]than all the other girls'. 比其他女孩子的酷多了
[00:43.26]Oh...my...God. 哦,上帝.
[00:44.22]Only you would think you could hide that powder-blue, 只有你才认为能藏起那件 你穿到春季舞会去的
[00:47.42]puffy-sleeved, it's-kind-of-a-peasant-dress- 淡蓝色的,泡泡袖的
[00:50.98]but-it-might-just-be- a-baggy-disaster 土里土气的,不知道什么材料做成的
[00:51.86]that you wore to the spring dance. 像个破袋子一样的衣服.
[00:56.06]Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit1 repeater! 丽兹 麦戈瑞, 你经常穿同一件衣服!
[01:02.30]But I... 但我...
[01:02.34]Maybe I'm an outfit repeater, 也许我经常穿同一件衣服,
[01:06.42]but you're an outfit rememberer, 但你总记住别人穿什么衣服,
[01:07.78]which is just as pathetic. 一样可怜.
[01:09.90]Does she not have anything better to do 她除了使我的生活变得
[01:11.74]than make my life miserable2? 更糟糕,没有别的事情好做了吗?
[01:13.22]I mean... we used to be best friends. 我是说,我们原来是最好的朋友.
[01:17.14]But that was before she became popular. 但那是在她受欢迎以前.
[01:17.74]McGuire! 麦戈瑞!
[01:22.10]Go. 走.
[01:23.98]Hey, Mr. Escobar. 你好, 艾斯卡巴先生.
[01:26.38]Nice after-shave. 不错的须后香水.
[01:27.98]Oh, thank you. 哦,谢谢
[01:30.18]Margaret Chan either has ebola or a very bad cold. 玛格丽特 陈也许是中了埃博拉病毒 也许是得了重感冒
[01:32.82]U-U-Up where? 上?上哪儿?
[01:35.82]At the podium. 上讲台
[01:36.38]You are going to deliver the class president's speech. 你要去做班长致词
[01:39.90]B-But what about the vice3 president? 不是还有副班长吗?
[01:42.58]He's not graduating. 他毕不了业了
[01:44.66]The secretary treasurer's next in line. 再下面财务总管就是最大的官了
[01:47.46]All I did was handle petty cash. 我只是掌管一些小钱
[01:49.06]I'm sorry, but you're not buying your way out of this. 抱歉,但这次你花钱也逃不掉了.
[01:49.62]I want you to deliver your speech 我要你上去致词
[01:51.74]with as much pride and commitment 要像玛格丽特 陈一样
[01:53.90]as Margaret Chan would, 自豪,有信心
[01:56.90]even though you're no Margaret Chan. 即使你不是 玛格丽特 陈.
[02:04.62]You're no Margaret Chan. 你不是 玛格丽特 陈.
[02:08.62]You're no Margaret Chan. 你不是 玛格丽特 陈
[02:09.38]You're no Margaret Chan. 你不是 玛格丽特 陈
[02:12.10]Run! 快跑!
[02:14.98]Ladies and gentlemen, uh, Lizzie McGuire. 女士们,先生们, 呃, 丽兹 麦戈瑞.
[02:29.78]Um... 嗯...
[02:31.50]U-Uh, Margaret Chan couldn't make it tonight, 呃, 玛格丽特 陈 今晚不能来了,
[02:33.74]so I'm going -- I'm going to be filling in for her. 所以我来...我来..接替她
[02:39.34]Not that any of us could really do that, 不是每个人都能做到的,
[02:42.94]but, um, anyway... 但,呃,总之...
[02:45.62]Honey, I'm losing the feeling in my knuckles4. 亲爱的,我的指关节失去知觉了.
[02:48.90]I think that we can all agree that junior high 我想我们都同意初中生活
[02:52.34]is filled with embarrassing and awkward 充满了尴尬和困窘的
[02:54.26]and sometimes just downright humiliating moments, right? 有时甚至是很丢人的时刻,对吗?
[03:02.10]Uh... 呃...
[03:02.78]Oh! Me neither. 哦! 我可从没有过.
[03:03.78]It is so sad. 太糟糕了.
[03:07.98]Wow. 哇.
[03:09.38]It's like watching one of those animals 就像在《探索》频道上看
[03:12.34]get killed on the Discovery Channel. 动物被屠杀一样
[03:19.22]I-I think Margaret Chan 我想玛格丽特 陈现在
[03:21.10]would want me to have some water right now. 想要我给她端杯水
[03:24.94]Uhh! Oh! 哦! 哦!
[03:37.86]Play something! Do something! 快随便来点音乐!
[03:43.34]Come on! Mom! Dad! 快啊! 妈! 爸!
[03:44.38]Yes! Ha ha ha! 好啊! 哈 哈 哈!
[03:46.62]I've got to get out of the country! 我要离开这个国家!
[03:48.62]I know you're still upset, but it wasn't that bad. 我知道你仍然很难过,但没那么糟糕
[03:50.82]Was your junior-high graduation on "Good Morning America"? 你的初中毕业致词上了“早安美国”了吗?
[03:51.22]Oh, really, Mom? 哦,真的,妈妈?
[03:57.06]What creep would send Diane Sawyer a video 哪个变态会给黛安索耶(ABC 王牌女主持人)寄去录像带
[03:58.98]to embarrass you like that? 来羞辱你呢?
[03:59.94]Oh. 哦.
[04:09.02]Ugh! 啊!
[04:10.22]What is that? 那是什么?
[04:12.30]That is Miss Ungermeyer. 是恩格梅尔小姐.
[04:15.66]Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey! 嘿,嘿,嘿!
[04:18.98]She's gonna be our principal for the next four years. 往后4年,她将是我们的校长.
[04:22.42]If you stay on her good side, 如果她对你垂青,
[04:22.94]it's a one-way ticket to an Ivy5 League school. 你准保能上长春藤联盟学校
[04:24.62]What if you're on her bad side? 如果她对你印象不佳?
[04:25.98]Excuse me! I need to mop up some puke. 抱歉,我要去清扫呕吐物.
[04:28.70]Well, you... 那么,你...
[04:30.94]You wind up as that guy? 你的前途就和他一样?
[04:34.26]No. You end up working for that guy. 不,连他都不如
[04:35.74]Can you make sure there are no garlic or soy products 你能确保布里特尼吃的
[04:39.30]in anything Brittany puts near her mouth? 东西里没有大蒜或大豆制品吗?
[04:43.18]Could somebody carry his luggage? 能不能请别人帮他拿行李?
[04:43.22]Miss Ungermeyer, Luke has tennis elbow. 恩格梅尔小姐, 卢克很有网球天赋,他的胳膊很重要.
[04:44.78]My son has asthma6, and he must have his puffer. 我儿子有哮喘,必须携带呼吸器
[04:47.66]Brittany, she's got allergies7. 布里特尼, 她有过敏症.
[04:54.14]Attention, parents... 注意了,父母们...
[04:55.62]shut your pie holes. 闭上你们的嘴
[04:57.62]I'm on a mission here to drag your progeny8 我来这里是为了两周后
[04:59.22]to 31 historically significant Roman landmarks 带你们的孩子去参观31个


1 outfit YJTxC     
  • Jenney bought a new outfit for her daughter's wedding.珍妮为参加女儿的婚礼买了一套新装。
  • His father bought a ski outfit for him on his birthday.他父亲在他生日那天给他买了一套滑雪用具。
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  • Her past life was miserable.她过去的生活很苦。
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n.(指人)指关节( knuckle的名词复数 );(指动物)膝关节,踝v.(指人)指关节( knuckle的第三人称单数 );(指动物)膝关节,踝
  • He gripped the wheel until his knuckles whitened. 他紧紧握住方向盘,握得指关节都变白了。
  • Her thin hands were twisted by swollen knuckles. 她那双纤手因肿大的指关节而变了形。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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n.[医]过敏症;[口]厌恶,反感;(对食物、花粉、虫咬等的)过敏症( allergy的名词复数 );变态反应,变应性
  • Food allergies can result in an enormous variety of different symptoms. 食物过敏会引发很多不同的症状。 来自辞典例句
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  • His numerous progeny are scattered all over the country.他为数众多的后代散布在全国各地。
  • He was surrounded by his numerous progeny.众多的子孙簇拥着他。
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