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听电影学英语-食品公司 08

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  [00:02.38]Yeah. 对
[00:07.74]Six are elementary school students, one is a sibling1, 7个感染者都是小学生,其中有2个是兄弟
[00:12.10]and there’s another one in another county 另一个镇上还有1个
[00:13.42]in Kentucky, so... 在肯塔基州,这样的话
[00:17.62]Kowalcyk: It will be seven years 从我儿子去世算起
[00:21.46]since my son died. 到现在已经7年了
[00:25.62]All I wanted the company to do 我希望食品公司做的
[00:25.66]was say "We’re sorry. 只是说一句"我们很抱歉
[00:27.50]We produced this defective2 product 我们的产品受到污染
[00:29.82]that killed your child, and this is what 导致您儿子的死亡,我们以后
[00:32.82]we’re going to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again." 将建立更安全的生产流程以避免这样的事情再次发生"
[00:35.02]That’s all we wanted, 我们的要求就是这样
[00:39.70]and they couldn’t give us that. 可他们连这么简单的要求也无法满足
[00:49.90]Pollan: The industrial food system is always looking 工业化的食品生产和供应系统
[00:53.74]for greater efficiency, but each new step in efficiency 总是追求更高效率,但是对效率的追求
[00:57.94]If you take feedlot cattle off of their corn diet, 只要你停止给牛喂食玉米
[01:04.14]give them grass for five days, 让它们吃上5天的草
[01:06.30]they will shed 80% of the E. coli in their gut3. 它们就会排出消化道里80%的埃舍利希氏大肠杆菌
[01:08.98]But of course that’s not what the industry does. 但是食品工业却没有这样做
[01:10.34]when it has a systematic4 problem like that-- 食品工业的应对方法
[01:10.50]The industry’s approach is-- 当出现这种系统性的问题
[01:13.98]is not to go back and see what’s wrong with the system, 不是仔细检查系统本身出现了什么问题
[01:17.34]it’s to come up some high-tech5 fixes that allow the system to survive. 而是使用科技,对系统进行修补,好让它继续存在
[01:30.74]Man: The 5x5 product surge tank-- 这是5x5产品缓冲罐
[01:32.58]low level. Low level. 低水平,低水平
[01:34.58](man speaks over radio)
[01:36.26]Eldon Roth: This is our operations center. 这是我们的操作中心
[01:37.58]We control all of our plants from here. 我们在这里控制所有厂房
[01:40.62]Where’s Chicago? Here’s Chicago, 芝加哥的厂房?在这里
[01:42.46]Georgia, Utah, Kansas, 还有乔治亚州,犹他州,堪萨斯州
[01:46.46]Nebraska, Texas, L.A., Ohio. 内布拉斯加州,德克萨斯州,洛杉矶,俄亥俄州
[01:48.66]We control all levels of the gearboxes, 我们控制变速箱的档位
[01:52.50]the speed of motors-- 发动机的速度
[01:53.18]we can change those all from here. 我们可以在这里控制一切
[02:04.02]We built something that-- 我们建造的这个操作中心
[02:06.06]from a food-safety standpoint, 从食品安全的角度来看
[02:07.38]we think we’re ahead of everybody. 是领先其他同业的
[02:10.54]We think we can lessen6 the incidents 我想,我们可以减少
[02:12.58]of E. coli 0157:h7. O157-H7型埃舍利希氏大肠杆菌污染事件

[02:18.10]But I just started working with ammonia 不过我才刚开始在生产过程使用氨气
[02:20.58]and ammonia hydroxide. 和氨水
[02:23.62]Ammonia kills bacteria, 氨能消除细菌
[02:24.62]so it became a processing tool. 因此被用在肉类处理过程中
[02:40.18]I’m really a mechanic. 我其实是个机械师
[02:41.70]That’s really what I am. 那才是我的工作
[02:46.18]We design our own machinery7. 我们自行设计生产设备
[03:11.46]Roth: This is our finished product. 这就是我们的产品
[03:17.46]最终的产品 被可以杀死埃舍利希氏大肠杆菌(E.coli.)的氨水 清洗过的汉堡夹心肉类填充物
[03:24.86]Man: Is your meat in most of the hamburgers in the country? 你们的肉类被用在美国大多数的汉堡里吗?
[03:26.86]Roth: 70%. 70%吧
[03:28.86]In five years, we think we’ll be in 100%. 我们觉得5年内可以增长到100%
[03:34.38]We do have some competitors. 虽然我们有竞争者
[03:36.38]I think we’re gonna beat them. 不过我们可以弄死他们
[03:36.58]- (buzzes) - Roth: Again, it’s a marriage 我重申,这就是
[03:41.10]of science and technology. 科学和技术的联合
[03:42.94](man speaking over radio)
[03:58.66]I want dollar meal-- 我要1美元的特惠食品
[04:00.82]- five rodeo cheeseburgers... - Woman: Five rodeos. Okay. -5个牛仔吉士汉堡 -5个牛仔堡,好的
[04:03.34]...two chicken sandwich. 两个鸡肉三明治
[04:06.34]- Woman: Anything else? - Man: Two small drinks, -还要别的吗? -2杯小号饮料
[04:08.02]and give me a large Dr. Pepper. 还有1杯大号胡椒博士汽水
[04:11.02]- $11.48. - Thank you. -11块4毛8 -谢谢
[04:13.54]First window. Thank you. 请在1号窗取食物,谢谢
[04:18.42]Maria Gonzalez: We didn’t even think about healthy eating 我们以前不会想到什么是健康餐饮
[04:21.42]because we used to think everything was healthy. 因为我们觉得吃什么都是健康的
[04:23.74]- Here you go. - Thank you. -这是您点的食物 -谢谢
[04:26.62]- Have a nice day. - You too. Thank you very much. -祝您有愉快的一天 -你也是,谢谢
[04:28.94]Maria: Now that I know that the food is 现在我才知道
[04:31.14]really unhealthy for us, 这些食物是不健康的
[04:33.14]I feel guilty giving it to my kids. 我为让我的孩子吃这样的食物而愧疚
[04:36.82]But we don’t have time to cook because we leave at 6:00. 但是我们6点下班,没有时间自己做饭
[04:39.66]We don’t get home until 9:00, 10:00 at night. 我们一般要9点或者10点才到家
[04:45.86]When you have only a dollar to spend 当你只能花1美元
[04:47.70]and you have two kids to feed, 去喂饱2个孩子
[04:49.70]and try to find something that’s cheap 试着买点便宜的食物
[04:54.22]or just go straight through a drive-thru 要么就开车到免下车餐馆
[04:56.38]and get two small hamburgers for them 买两个小汉堡给他们
[04:56.74]and "Okay, here. Eat them." "好了,就吃这个吧"
[04:58.58]This is what’s gonna fill her up, 吃这个可以饱肚

  [05:00.42]not that one single item at the market. 同样的钱在市场只能买到一种食物


1 sibling TEszc     
  • Many of us hate living in the shadows of a more successful sibling.我们很多人都讨厌活在更为成功的手足的阴影下。
  • Sibling ravalry has been common in this family.这个家里,兄弟姊妹之间的矛盾很平常。
2 defective qnLzZ     
  • The firm had received bad publicity over a defective product. 该公司因为一件次品而受到媒体攻击。
  • If the goods prove defective, the customer has the right to compensation. 如果货品证明有缺陷, 顾客有权索赔。
3 gut MezzP     
  • It is not always necessary to gut the fish prior to freezing.冷冻鱼之前并不总是需要先把内脏掏空。
  • My immediate gut feeling was to refuse.我本能的直接反应是拒绝。
4 systematic SqMwo     
  • The way he works isn't very systematic.他的工作不是很有条理。
  • The teacher made a systematic work of teaching.这个教师进行系统的教学工作。
5 high-tech high-tech     
  • The economy is in the upswing which makes high-tech services in more demand too.经济在蓬勃发展,这就使对高科技服务的需求量也在加大。
  • The quest of a cure for disease with high-tech has never ceased. 人们希望运用高科技治疗疾病的追求从未停止过。
6 lessen 01gx4     
  • Regular exercise can help to lessen the pain.经常运动有助于减轻痛感。
  • They've made great effort to lessen the noise of planes.他们尽力减小飞机的噪音。
7 machinery CAdxb     
  • Has the machinery been put up ready for the broadcast?广播器材安装完毕了吗?
  • Machinery ought to be well maintained all the time.机器应该随时注意维护。
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