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听电影学英语-食品公司 15

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  [00:04.28]Have they all been put out of business? 它们现在都关掉了吗?
[00:05.64]There’s nobody left. 没有人做这个了
[00:14.68]Runyon: When Monsanto soybeans first came on the market, 当孟山都的大豆最初推出市场
[00:19.68]I just never really switched over. 我没有转用他们的产品
[00:20.04]I was getting pretty good yield 我一直使用传统大豆
[00:24.20]with the conventional soybeans I’d been using, 获得不错的收成
[00:24.56]so I thought "Well, I’ll just stay where I’m at." 我就想"好吧,那我继续用传统的好了"
[00:28.00]David不种孟山都的农作物 但他的农田却被基因改造的种子所污染
[00:35.76]My neighbors all around me are all GMOs. 我的邻居们都已经转用基因改造过的大豆了
[00:38.60]If the pollen1 goes in, if the seed moves in, 要是他们田里的花粉或者种子传过来了
[00:41.44]I am still held accountable. 也算是我侵犯专利权
[00:43.40]如果孟山都发现“基因污染” 农场主必须证明自己没有侵犯孟山都的专利
[00:49.64]Pollan: When you genetically2 modify a crop, you own it. 你改造了农作物的基因,它就是你的了
[00:52.32]We’ve never had this in agriculture. 农业生产从来没有过这样(恶劣)的事情
[00:57.52]Roush: Used to be that your land-grant universities, 以前负责培养出公用种子的
[01:00.04]they developed what was called public seed. 都是被政府授予土地的大学
[01:03.88]The vast majority of the plant breeding 绝大部分的育种和品系改良工作
[01:05.20]was actually done in these public institutions 都是由这些公立机构来做的
[01:07.72]Pollan: Monsanto is very much like Microsoft. 孟山都公司跟微软差不多
[01:10.40]The same way Microsoft owns the intellectual property 微软拥有全美国大部分电脑上
[01:15.08]behind most computers in America, 所运行的软件的知识产权
[01:15.60]they set out to own the intellectual property 而孟山都公司拥有的
[01:19.76]behind most of the food in America. 是美国大部分食品的知识产权
[01:20.44]Roush: Public plant breeding is a thing of the past. 公立机构的育种工作已经成为历史
[01:23.44]There virtually are no public seeds anymore. 再也没有公用种子了
[01:29.48]Runyon: There’s only like four or five varieties 只有大概4到5种种子
[01:31.80]that I can actually plant. 可供选择
[01:35.84]Now I have some of the last soybeans 现在我还保存着一点
[01:37.16]coming out of the state of Illinois-- 伊利诺伊州的大豆
[01:38.68]- That are not GMO. - Public variety. Public variety. -没有经过基因改造的 -对,公用种子
[01:41.68]When it comes to the point that I can’t buy any more certified3 seed, 要是我再也买不到经过认证的种子的时候
[01:46.04]what do I do? What are my options? 我能怎么做?我还有什么选择?
[01:50.56]I acquired this list that was mailed to me. 这份是他们寄给我的名单
[01:54.92]The black list here is Monsanto’s unauthorized growers list. 未经孟山都授权而种植大豆的农民的黑名单
[01:58.76]Either farmers that have judgments4 against them, 列出的要么是敢于对抗他们的农民

  [01:59.92]Wow. 哇
[02:02.76]or businesses, or else it’s-- 或者其他经营者
[02:03.28]or it’s farmers that have not submitted their paperwork, 要么是还没有递交相关授权文书的农民
[02:08.12]will not turn over their records. 还有不打算递交记录的农民
[02:09.96]For my case, that’s why I’m on there-- 我被列入名单的原因
[02:11.32]’cause I would not turn over my records. 是我不提交相关记录
[02:12.00]- Am I on this list? - Yes, you are. -我也在名单上吗? -是的
[02:17.32]Wow. 哇
[02:19.32]I see two of the farmers that I work for on here. 我看到有两个和我合作过的农民在名单上
[02:21.16]This list-- now it comes down to the point 这份名单,就是我说的
[02:22.52]where I cannot buy Monsanto products, okay? 我买不到孟山都公司的产品的原因
[02:26.88]So it’s coming down to "What can I plant?" 这关系到我还能种什么
[02:27.36]Right. 对
[02:32.72]Parr: Monsanto is suing me on the basis 孟山都公司
[02:34.40]that I’m encouraging the farmer to break the patent law 指责我以清洗种子的方式鼓励其他农民违反专利法
[02:38.92]by cleaning their own seed. 因而控告我
[02:49.12]I haven’t been in a courtroom yet 我还没有上法庭呢
[02:51.80]and my bill is already $25,000. 就要罚款2万5千美元了
[02:57.48]People that were friends of mine 我以前的那些朋友们
[02:59.16]now are reticent5 to even talk with me. 现在都不敢跟我说话了
[03:05.00]We’ve been friends for 50 years, 我们可是50年的老朋友了
[03:05.88]and now we can hardly be seen together. 可现在连见面的机会都很少
[03:09.20]Right. 对
[03:11.64]作为(与孟山都)和解的条件 这位农场主不能在公开场合诉说自己的遭遇
[03:15.56]I don’t think I’m really guilty, 我觉得我是无辜的
[03:16.40]but it was cheaper to pay the fine 不过直接交罚款
[03:18.92]than it was to try to fight it. 总比跟公司硬碰要好多了
[03:22.24]- It gnaws6 at you... - Parr: Sure. -这很折磨人吧 -当然了
[03:24.08]...because if you think you’re right at something, 因为你明知道你没有做错
[03:25.28]but yet you admit you’re wrong. 却还是要承认错误 在高度民主、自由讲求人权的美国 这家相当”讲道理“的公司在它的 中文网页上口口声声地说: 致力于创新和技术为全世界的农民带来成功收益 帮助他们生产更健康的粮食... ...致力于减少农业对环境的破坏
[03:35.64]Roush: Monsanto falsely accused us of violating their patent 孟山都公司对我们违反专利法和违约的指控
[03:38.64]and breach7 of contract. 都是无理取闹
[03:40.84]None of it was true. 全都是无中生有的
[03:43.36]You go into a market, you find a dominant8 farmer 你到市场里面,找一个规模大点的农户
[03:47.68]and if you can ruin them, you scare the rest of them to following the line. 只要你把他收拾了,其他人就不敢步他的后尘
[03:51.36]My family spent $400,000 就是为了对抗他们,我的家庭
[03:53.04]fighting the battle, pretrial. 在诉讼前就已经花费了40万
[03:56.56]And we were told it would take another million 我们得知如果要告上法庭

  [03:58.40]to take the thing to trial. 还要多花100万
[03:58.72]We settled out of court. 所以我们就庭外和解了
[04:03.76]The way the system appeared to work to me was 在我看来,这个系统的运作方式
[04:05.44]Lady Justice had the scales 就是公正女神手持天枰
[04:07.92]and you piled cash on the scales 然后你往秤盘上堆钱
[04:10.76]and the one that piled the most cash on the scales, 最后获胜的,就是堆钱最多的人
[04:13.44]hired the most experts and was most willing 请得起最多专家的人
[04:14.64]to tell the biggest lies, that was the winner. 还有愿意为此撒弥天大谎的人
[04:17.64]That seems to be how our justice system functions now. 这就是我们的司法系统运作的方式
[04:21.16]It’s terrible. It’s terrible. 这很可怕,很可怕
[04:21.48]How can a farmer defend himself against 试问一个普通农民
[04:23.52]a multinational9 corporation like Monsanto? 怎么能扳得倒孟山都这样的跨国公司呢?
[04:27.52]I talked to a young man just three days ago. 三天前,我跟一个年轻农民谈过
[04:29.20]They’d been to his farm, you know? 孟山都的人去过他的农场
[04:31.36]And this poor kid, he’s just starting out. 这个可怜的孩子,他才刚开始经营呢
[04:35.88]His fiancee was there. I talked to her 他的未婚妻也在,我也跟她谈过
[04:39.56]and tried to give them the best advice I could. 我试着给他们提些好建议
[04:41.92]Unfortunately the best advice I could give them was 不幸的是,我可以给他们的最好建议是
[04:43.56]"Try to get out of this thing with your skin intact. 趁你还没有受到伤害之前,别跟他们搅和了
[04:46.92]Don’t fight ’em. You’ve got to roll over 不要跟他们对抗,你最终还是要屈服
[04:50.44]and give them what they want, ’cause you can’t defend yourself." 他们要什么你都得给的,你保护不了自己
[04:53.44]In the case of Monsanto, their control is so dominant. 孟山都在这件事情上占了绝对优势
[04:56.64]If you want to be in production agriculture, 只要你还想继续耕种
[05:00.96]you’re gonna be in bed with Monsanto. 你就必须屈服于他们


1 pollen h1Uzz     
  • Hummingbirds have discovered that nectar and pollen are very nutritious.蜂鸟发现花蜜和花粉是很有营养的。
  • He developed an allergy to pollen.他对花粉过敏。
2 genetically Lgixo     
  • All the bees in the colony are genetically related. 同一群体的蜜蜂都有亲缘关系。
  • Genetically modified foods have already arrived on American dinner tables. 经基因改造加工过的食物已端上了美国人的餐桌。 来自英汉非文学 - 生命科学 - 基因与食物
3 certified fw5zkU     
  • Doctors certified him as insane. 医生证明他精神失常。
  • The planes were certified airworthy. 飞机被证明适于航行。
4 judgments 2a483d435ecb48acb69a6f4c4dd1a836     
判断( judgment的名词复数 ); 鉴定; 评价; 审判
  • A peculiar austerity marked his judgments of modern life. 他对现代生活的批评带着一种特殊的苛刻。
  • He is swift with his judgments. 他判断迅速。
5 reticent dW9xG     
  • He was reticent about his opinion.他有保留意见。
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6 gnaws 04e1b90666fd26b87dd1f890c734a7bb     
咬( gnaw的第三人称单数 ); (长时间) 折磨某人; (使)苦恼; (长时间)危害某事物
  • Time, whose tooth gnaws away everything else, is powerless against truth. 时间,它的利齿可咬碎万物,但对真理却无能为力。
  • The water gnaws at the shoreline. 海水侵蚀海岸线。
7 breach 2sgzw     
  • We won't have any breach of discipline.我们不允许任何破坏纪律的现象。
  • He was sued for breach of contract.他因不履行合同而被起诉。
8 dominant usAxG     
  • The British were formerly dominant in India.英国人从前统治印度。
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9 multinational FnrzdL     
  • The firm was taken over by a multinational consulting firm.这家公司被一个跨国咨询公司收购。
  • He analyzed the relationship between multinational corporations and under-developed countries.他分析了跨国公司和不发达国家之间的关系。
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