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听电影学英语-战争之王 09

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  [00:03.05]你的库存少得危险 Your stocks are dangerously depleted1, Dmitri.
[00:05.88]你该去向工厂订货了 You should order more from the factory.
[00:08.85]有人会追查的 Someone will work it out.
[00:12.18]那时怎么办? What happens then?
[00:13.75]把他也拉进来 We’ll cut them in.
[00:18.11]冷战结束时 The end of the Cold War
[00:19.25]却是军火交易最热络的时候 was the beginning of the hottest time in arms dealing2.
[00:22.18]军火市场开了大门 The arms bazaar3 was open.
[00:24.98]导弹,非导弹 Guided missiles, unguided missiles.
[00:27.31]迫击炮,地雷 Mortars4, mines,
[00:28.51]人员运输车 armored personnel carriers.
[00:30.35]整个部队的坦克 Whole tank divisions.
[00:32.51]这样吧 I’ll tell you what I’ll do.
[00:33.88]买六送一 Buy six, you get one free.
[00:37.28]我甚至还遇到一批 攻击直升机的火炮手 I even landed a squadron of helicopter gunships.
[00:53.15]最精准的火炮 The most sophisticated fighting machines...
[00:55.68]为对付美国而造的 但战争却从未发生 built for a war with America that never happened.
[00:58.68]小伙子,快下来吧 免得弄伤自己咯 Son, get off there before you get hurt.
[01:01.81]我闭着眼睛都能把它拆了 I can take it apart with my eyes closed.
[01:04.31]他们得感谢我 Thanks to me,
[01:05.25]终于有了 发炮的机会来发泄愤怒 they’d finally get to fire a shot in anger.
[01:15.95]我有种感觉 I have a feeling it wasn’t exactly

[01:17.81]这大概不是列宁 what Comrade Lenin had in mind
[01:19.78]当年所倡导的财产重新分配 when he advocated the redistribution of wealth.
[01:23.31]但我不是唯一的 But I wasn’t the only one
[01:24.48]提供他们资本主义速成课程的人 offering a crash course in capitalism5.
[01:28.91]我有竞争对手 I had rivals.
[01:31.05]请通报指挥官 Inform your commanding officer
[01:32.41]席米恩·怀斯求见 that Simeon Weisz is here to meet him.
[01:37.88]你不认识我吧? You don’t know who I am, do you?
[01:39.75]我管你是哪棵葱! I don’t give a fuck who you are.
[01:51.88]你迟到了 You’re late.
[01:54.25]似乎是 So it appears.
[02:08.58]谢谢 Thank you.
[02:10.18]不客气 My pleasure.
[02:11.85]你是卖枪的? You sell guns?
[02:14.85]或许你可以来我房间 Maybe you’d like to come to my room
[02:16.95]我让你瞧瞧我的...“火炮” and I’ll show you my... cannon6.
[02:25.68]看上去你似乎摸不着门路 You look a little lost, Simeon.
[02:27.21]是世界改变得太快了吗? Is the world changing too fast?
[02:29.51]我这不是找来了吗? I’m here, aren’t I?
[02:31.15]不全然 Not all of you, I think.
[02:32.81]你替中情局贩卖军火赚了大钱 You’ve gotten so rich selling for the CIA
[02:35.28]但你似乎还无法 you can’t seem to get that ideology7
[02:37.01]放下身段 completely out of your head.
[02:38.58]冷战时我不得不如此 Oh, the Cold War had its uses.
[02:41.71]得首先考虑双方紧张的关系 Kept the tensions frozen.

  [02:44.71]现在很难取舍 Now it’s harder to determine
[02:47.01]该站在哪一方 which side one’s on.
[02:48.51]事情变得比较复杂了 Things have become more complicated.
[02:50.51]不,是变简单了 No, it’s gotten simpler.
[02:52.75]政治考量已经不存在于军火业了 There’s no place in gunrunning for politics anymore,
[02:56.05]我卖给左翼,也卖给右翼 I sell to leftists and rightists.
[02:58.58]甚至和平主义者 I sell to pacifists,
[02:59.78]不过他们不是常客啦 but they’re not the most regular of customers.
[03:02.78]你如果不卖武器 Of course, you’re not a true internationalist...
[03:04.51]去打击自己的国家 ...until you’ve supplied weapons
[03:05.98]你就算不上是个国际军火贩 to kill your own countrymen.
[03:09.95]现今这种混乱的局势不能继续下去 This current state of chaos8 won’t last forever.
[03:14.88]必须重新建立秩序 There’ll have to be order.
[03:19.05]与其互相敌对 Instead of cutting each other’s throats,
[03:21.95]咱们不如合作 it may be beneficial if we work together.
[03:23.68]如何? What do you think?
[03:27.95]我认为如何? What do I think?
[03:30.38]我认为你现在才是玩票的 I think you are the amateur now,
[03:33.18]你应该按照你的直觉去做 and I think you should go with your instincts.
[03:35.31]你的第一个直觉 With your first instinct.
[03:37.55]过去的我 I’m the same man who was not
[03:38.81]不配给你提鞋 good enough for you before...
[03:40.38]现在还是不配 and I’m just not good enough for you now.
[03:58.01]军火贩子之间开战有个麻烦 The problem with gunrunners going to war
[04:02.01]就是双方都有用不尽的弹药 is that there’s no shortage of ammunition9.
[04:07.51]这就是咱们这行老前辈们 This was the chaos
[04:08.78]总在顾忌的 that the Old Guard had always feared.
[04:11.58]他们担心 As far as they were concerned,
[04:12.81]我会搞坏军火商的名声 I was giving arms dealers10 a bad name.
[04:15.28]但是他们无法向优化商务局举报我 But they could hardly report me to the Better Business Bureau.
[04:20.41]乌克兰不是唯一一个 And Ukraine wasn’t the only former state...
[04:22.75]拥有没有工资的军队和很多军火的国家 with an unpaid11 army and stockpiles of guns.
[04:26.05]这里还有保加利亚,匈牙利 波兰,巴拉如斯 There was Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Belarus...
[04:30.88]他们全都是 all there for the taking.
[04:37.01]在苏联兵工厂里的所有武器中 Of all the weapons in the vast Soviet12 arsenal13...
[04:39.98]没有一种 nothing was more profitable than Avtomat Kalashnikova,
[04:43.51]像AK47 model of 1947,
[04:45.35]或者叫卡拉希尼可夫赚钱 more commonly known as the AK-47... or kalashnikov.
[04:49.65]它是世界上最流行的冲锋枪 It’s the world’s most popular assault rifle
[04:52.55]战士最喜爱的武器 a weapon all fighters love.
[04:54.68]由9磅金属 An elegantly simple nine-pound
[04:56.25]和4英尺长木头制成 amalgamation14 of forged steel and plywood.

  [04:59.08]它不会坏,卡壳,或者过热 It doesn’t break, jam, or overheat.


1 depleted 31d93165da679292f22e5e2e5aa49a03     
adj. 枯竭的, 废弃的 动词deplete的过去式和过去分词
  • Food supplies were severely depleted. 食物供应已严重不足。
  • Both teams were severely depleted by injuries. 两个队都因队员受伤而实力大减。
2 dealing NvjzWP     
  • This store has an excellent reputation for fair dealing.该商店因买卖公道而享有极高的声誉。
  • His fair dealing earned our confidence.他的诚实的行为获得我们的信任。
3 bazaar 3Qoyt     
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  • We bargained for a beautiful rug in the bazaar.我们在集市通过讨价还价买到了一条很漂亮的地毯。
4 mortars 2ee0e7ac9172870371c2735fb040d218     
n.迫击炮( mortar的名词复数 );砂浆;房产;研钵
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  • Where the hell are his mortars? 他有迫击炮吗? 来自教父部分
5 capitalism er4zy     
  • The essence of his argument is that capitalism cannot succeed.他的论点的核心是资本主义不能成功。
  • Capitalism began to develop in Russia in the 19th century.十九世纪资本主义在俄国开始发展。
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8 chaos 7bZyz     
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10 dealers 95e592fc0f5dffc9b9616efd02201373     
n.商人( dealer的名词复数 );贩毒者;毒品贩子;发牌者
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  • The police were corrupt and were operating in collusion with the drug dealers. 警察腐败,与那伙毒品贩子内外勾结。
11 unpaid fjEwu     
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12 Soviet Sw9wR     
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13 arsenal qNPyF     
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  • The proposed amalgamation of the two institutes has mow fallen through.这两个研究所打算合并的事现在已经落空了。
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