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听电影学英语-战争之王 10

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  [00:01.88]就算它被泥土或者沙子覆盖 It will shoot whether it’s covered in mud
[00:03.65]它还是可以正常的开火 or filled with sand.
[00:05.25]它的使用非常简单 就算一个小孩都可以使用它 It’s so easy, even a child can use it
[00:07.91]而且他们的确在使用它 and they do.
[00:08.98]苏联把枪放到他们的钱币上 The Soviets1 put the gun on a coin.
[00:11.01]莫桑比克把枪的图案放在国旗上 Mozambique put it on their flag.
[00:13.55]自从冷战结束后 Since the end of the Cold War,
[00:14.98]卡拉希尼可夫(AK47) the Kalashnikov has become the...
[00:16.28]成为了苏联主要的出口货物 ...Russian people’s greatest export.
[00:18.81]接着是伏特加酒,鱼子酱 After that comes vodka, caviar,
[00:20.85]和有自杀倾向的诗人 and suicidal novelists.
[00:23.41]有一点我确定 One thing’s for sure
[00:24.78]没有人想排队去买他们的车 no one was lining2 up to buy their cars.
[00:42.11]他娘的什么文件 What fucking documents?
[00:48.88]听我说,中尉 You listen to me, Lieutenant3.
[00:51.25]把他们留在那里,越长越好 You keep them there. For as long as you can!
[00:53.71]战斗到死 Fight You listen to me, Lieutenant.
[00:55.48]莫斯科支持我们 To the death! Moscow is behind us!
[00:56.95]这是我的命令 It’s an order!
[00:58.28]我以为你应该躲着这些人 I thought you supposed watching out for these people.
[01:00.31]我怎么躲 How can I?
[01:01.91]你不停卖我的直升机 You keep selling my helicopters.

[01:03.78]你太贪钱了,尤里 You are too greedy, Yuri!
[01:05.68]我不能永远的挡住他 I can’t hold him forever.
[01:07.75]我有许可书 I’ve got paperwork.
[01:08.98]对战斗直升机无效 Not for the gunships.
[01:10.75]你知道 You know the penalty for
[01:12.08]如果我们被抓了 sanction-busting.
[01:13.35]卖军用直升机可是一项重罪 Selling the military helicopter is a major violation5.
[01:16.61]军用直升机 Military helicopter.
[01:22.38]这不是一架军用直升机 It’s not a military helicopter.
[01:24.55]这是一架救援直升机 It’s a rescue helicopter.
[01:26.91]快干活,小子 Get to work, son.
[01:29.05]没问题 No problem.
[01:31.51]法律在我们这边 The law’s on our side.
[01:52.78]好的,让我看一看你的许可书 All right, let me see your papers.
[01:55.61]不要,把枪拿开 No-no-no, put that away.
[01:56.88]让我看一看你的许可书 See your papers.
[01:58.41]尤里·奥洛夫 Yuri Orlov.
[01:59.95]奥洛夫先生总是在正确的时间 出现在错误的地方 Mr. Orlov, always In the wrong place at the right time.
[02:02.91]这到底是怎么回事? What the fuck is this?
[02:05.95]我们以前见过 We’ve met before.
[02:07.38]在哥伦比亚的海岸线附近 Off the coast Colombia.
[02:09.41]那船叫什么名字来着? What was the name of that freighter?
[02:10.35]柯诺号还是克里斯多号? I can’t remember, was it the Kono or the Kristol?
[02:14.05]船上的船员给那艘船起了很多名字 The crew called that vessel6 a lot of names.
[02:16.51]没有一个是好名字 None repeatable in polite company.

  [02:18.41]回答你的问题 Answer the question.
[02:20.18]哦,新型的MP5 The new MP-5.
[02:22.35]你想要个消音器吗? Would you like a silencer for that?
[02:24.21]我要看你的许可证 I need to see your papers.
[02:27.25]离我远一点 Get the fuck off me.
[02:28.55]狄米奇 Dmitri!
[02:33.98]这架直升机的使用者证明书上写着 The end-user certificate for this aircraft...
[02:36.25]沃克纳·瓦梢 states "Burkina Faso."
[02:38.98]真不错 Nice, very nice.
[02:40.88]是你自己打的吗? Did you type this up yourself?
[02:42.11]这架直升机是用来执行人道主义任务的 The helicopter is to be used on humanitarian7 missions.
[02:44.65]噢,你是一个人道主义者 Oh, so you’re a humanitarian?
[02:46.61]当然是 Oh, absolutely.
[02:48.85]这是一架军用直升机 This is a military aircraft.
[02:50.48]现在不是了 听他讲 Not anymore. Listen to the nephew!
[02:52.51]他们能用由军用直升机 What can they do with military hardware
[02:54.18]改装的民用直升机做什么 but convert it to civilian8 use?
[02:57.01]如果是因为这架直升机死了人 The only way you could die from this baby
[02:58.31]那是因为你被投掷的食物砸死了 now is if a food drop hits you.
[03:03.21]这边的东西呢? And this stuff over here, huh?
[03:04.51]他们也用来行人道主义任务吗? Is it going to Burkina Faso... Ah,
[03:06.28]不同的客户,不同的地址 but to a different client at a different address.
[03:08.61]只是一个巧合是吗? That’s just a coincidence is that it?
[03:10.18]你以为我是一个大傻瓜吗? Do you take me for a complete fucking fool?
[03:13.01]并不是很傻 Not complete, sir.
[03:14.51]我不会打搅你的工作 And while I hesitate to tell your job.
[03:16.58]我必须指出 I must point out that when shipped separately,
[03:19.08]如果我分开运输 the weapons and the aircraft
[03:20.08]武器和直升机 both comply with current Interpol
[03:21.55]都符合现在的国际条约 trade standards and practices.
[03:23.01]我们都知道 We both know, that is an obscene
[03:25.38]这只是一个条约上的漏洞 bureaucratic9 loophole that’s gonna be closed
[03:27.55]这个漏洞不知那天就会消失 any goddamn day.
[03:29.11]但是现在还没消失 But it’s not closed.
[03:31.01]有些人也许认为 And while certain people might interpret
[03:32.58]这些集装箱可疑 this cargo10 as suspicious,
[03:34.45]感谢上帝 thank God we live in a world, where suspicion alone
[03:36.28]只有可疑是无法给我定罪的 does not constitute a crime.
[03:38.21]象你这样的人 And men like you
[03:39.45]会遵守法律条约 respect the rule of law.
[03:45.95]我的确是有罪的 I was as guilty as sin,
[03:47.35]但是瓦伦丁无法证明 but Valentine couldn’t prove it.
[03:49.41]他是执法人员里很少见的 And he was the rarest breed of law enforcement officer,
[03:51.98]尽管他知道我在犯法 the type who knew I was breaking the law,
[03:53.78]但是他不会以非法的手段来逮捕我 but wouldn’t break it himself to bust4 me.

  [03:57.08]两天后 TWO DAYS LATER
[04:00.01]瓦伦丁并不是唯一 Valentine wasn’t the only one trying to
[04:01.98]想让我没生意做的人 put me out of business.
[04:03.21]狄米奇拒绝了许多其他的军火商 My uncle had turned down a half dozen rival arms dealers11,
[04:06.21]有时他们的条件比我的要好 sometimes with offers better than mine.
[04:08.78]但是你不能用钱来买衷心 But to Dmitri, you couldn’t put a price on loyalty12.
[04:25.05]他来这干什么? What was he doing here?
[04:25.98]他希望能抢到你的生意 He is hoping to beat your offer.
[04:28.05]我告诉他去死吧 I told him to go have intercourse13 with himself.
[04:31.58]但是,尤里 But Yuri
[04:32.91]你应该多给一些了 You need to make more payoffs.
[04:34.58]- 很多人已经知道了 - 不用担心 Too many know. Don’t worry.
[04:36.18]我放了很多录像机和烟 There are more VCRs and cigarettes.
[04:37.88]在你的新车里 I left them in your new car.
[04:39.98]就连你的敌人都很喜欢那辆车 Even your enemy was admiring that car.
[04:46.98]我是世界上最幸运的人 I’m the luckiest man alive.
[04:49.18]你的确是 You are.


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