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听电影学英语-爱是妥协 2

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  [00:01.52]Ladies first. 女士优先
[00:14.84]When I first started auctioneering, someone told me... 我刚进拍卖这行时有人告诉我…
[00:18.00]...if I was nervous, I should just picture the audience in their underwear. 紧张时就假装客人都穿着内衣
[00:21.12]This gives that a whole new meaning. 换个角度看,就不紧张了
[00:25.60]You're not nervous now, are you? 你现在不紧张吧?
[00:28.36]-I'm always a little nervous. -Put on your bathing suit. -我一直都有点紧张 -去换泳装吧
[00:31.24]I brought us champagne1. I'll put it on ice. 我带了香槟,我去加点冰块
[00:58.80]No, I know. I can't do anything-- 我不确定,我什么事情都做不…
[01:01.24]Oh, God! What is this? Okay. 天哪!怎么回事?
[01:06.12]Okay, you stay where you are. We have a knife. 不许动,我们有刀子
[01:10.40]-Do you live here? -Look, mister. -你住这里吗? -听好,先生
[01:12.68]I am gonna dial 91 1 , and you are not gonna move. 我要打电话报警 你不许动
[01:14.36]-Zoe, hand me the phone. -You don't understand. -柔怡,电话给我 -你误会了
[01:16.56]-I'm your daughter's friend. -Don't think so. -我是你女儿的朋友 -不可能
[01:20.28]My daughter is in the city. You, what, wander in here, high on ecstasy2? 我女儿在城里 你是不是嗑了药?
[01:22.00]-Honestly, if you'd just-- -No! -真的,你可以去… -不
[01:26.44]Stay there. I was in the lsraeli army. 不许动 我在以色列军队受训过
[01:28.72]I can break you in half. 我可以把你劈成两半
[01:30.48]Hello. Yes! Yes, I have an intruder in my house. 喂?是的 有歹徒闯进我家
[01:33.48]29 Daniels Lane, Sagaponack-- 萨加波内社区丹尼尔巷29号
[01:34.96]I'm dating your daughter, Marin. 我是你女儿犸琳的男朋友
[01:35.04]She invited me here for the weekend. She's in her room right now, changing. 她找我来渡周末 她正在房里换衣服
[01:40.32]You're dating my daughter? 你是我女儿的男朋友?
[01:42.88]Now, who would have thought that would be worse news? 总比闯空门来得好吧
[01:51.56]Yeah, sorry. False alarm. 对,抱歉,搞错了
[01:54.84]No, he's not a burglar. 他不是小偷
[01:55.56]-He's dating my daughter. -I had no idea you were coming. -他是我女儿的男朋友 -我不知道你周末要来
[01:59.24]You said you had to write. 你说你要写稿
[02:00.32]I do, but I thought I would do it out here. 但我想来这里写
[02:03.52]I should have told you I was bringing someone. 我应该先告诉你我要带人过来
[02:04.96]I'm sorry. I should've told you we were coming. 抱歉,我们才应该先告诉你
[02:09.64]Obviously. Anyway, here we are. 反正来都来了
[02:09.96]Hello, I'm the mother. 你好,我是她妈妈
[02:12.84]Harry3 Sanborn. How are you? 哈利赛伯恩,你好
[02:13.52]Oh, God, sorry. This is my friend Harry. 天哪,抱歉,他是我朋友哈利
[02:15.84]-My mom, Erica. My aunt Zoe. -Sorry about that. -我妈爱莉卡,我阿姨柔怡 -不好意思
[02:20.68]We just totally spur-of-the-moment decided4 to get out of the city. 我们突然想远离尘嚣渡周末
[02:22.16]Good, that's good. 那很好啊
[02:23.64]Honey, does Harry have a robe? 乖女儿,给哈利一件浴袍吧
[02:27.56]You know what? 这样吧
[02:28.24]I think I should just take off, let you gals5 enjoy your weekend and.... 我该走了,你们好好共渡周末
[02:33.08]What? 什么?
[02:38.36]No, no! Oh, I'm sorry. Of course, don't do that. That's silly. 不要!真是对不起 不用了,别说这种傻话了
[02:39.56]Zoe and I will leave... 我和柔怡走先
[02:41.04]...and you and Harry stay. 你和哈利留下来
[02:44.36]Harry. 哈利
[02:47.92]I'm sorry. I apologize about the near arrest. 抱歉,刚才差点报警抓你
[02:50.04]You were very impressive. Very strong. 你很了不起,女中豪杰
[02:53.48]Very... 很…
[02:54.68]...macho. 骠悍
[02:57.28]Well, I don't think I was exactly macho. 我应该不算骠悍吧
[02:57.36]Trust me, if I ever catch a guy in his underwear in my refrigerator... 相信我,若我发现冰箱里 有穿内裤的男人
[03:01.52]...I hope I'm half the man you were, Mrs.... 希望我有你一半的勇气…
[03:07.32]-Mrs.-- -Right, okay. Whatever. -太太… -没关系,无所谓啦
[03:08.88]Alrighty, then, I'm definitely gonna hit the road. 好了,我先告辞了
[03:13.08]Ladies, sensational6 meeting you. 很荣幸能认识你们
[03:16.04]Doll. 宝贝
[03:18.64]-Give me a call. -Hold on. -再打电话给我 -等一下
[03:19.84]Let's not get so dramatic here. What are we, four teenagers? 别闹了,我们四个都不是小孩子
[03:23.80]We're sophisticated people. 我们是心智成熟的大人
[03:23.92]Why don't we all stay. Your mother has work, I have papers to grade. 就一起留下来渡周末吧 你妈要写稿,我要改考卷
[03:27.28]Do your thing, whatever that may be... 你们忙你们的
[03:31.96]...and if we wanna hang out together, we will. 大家想一起混就一起混
[03:32.84]If we don't, we don't. No reason we should give up this weekend. 想走就走 不必牺牲大好的周末
[03:36.56]Seriously. 说真的
[03:39.60]-I can handle it. -I can totally handle it. -我可以接受 -我完全可以接受
[03:41.12]I mean, well, I can handle it. 我想我可以接受
[03:46.60]-Bonjour, Madame Barry. -Bonjour, Annie. -你好,贝瑞女士 -你好,安妮
[03:54.24]Impressive. 了不起
[03:54.64]She took French lessons after she and my dad split up. 她跟我爸离婚后就开始学法语
[03:57.80]Part of her “keep busy, don't look back” program. 忙一点,算是一种自我疗程
[04:00.56]-Now she's practically fluent. -Marin! -现在讲得可流利了 -犸琳!
[04:08.56]-Okay. -Not bad. -好 -不错嘛
[04:11.32]Well, yeah. I am fluent. 对,我讲得很流利
[04:14.04]I'll be right back. 我马上回来
[04:33.48]It's an epidemic7. 老少配会传染啊
[04:34.40]Buy some things. 买点东西吧
[04:37.68]How about pasta salad? 通心粉沙拉好吗?
[04:38.88]We had that last night. 昨晚才吃过
[04:40.12]-We did? I don't remember. -Sure. -真的吗?我不记得了 -没错啦
[04:42.24]Why don't we get a spread and put it on. 我们买些酱涂在上面吧
[04:54.28]Oh, sorry. 抱歉
[04:55.48]Sorry about that. 对不起
[04:57.24]-My fault. -No. It's fine, it's fine. -我的错 -没关系,没关系


1 champagne iwBzh3     
  • There were two glasses of champagne on the tray.托盘里有两杯香槟酒。
  • They sat there swilling champagne.他们坐在那里大喝香槟酒。
2 ecstasy 9kJzY     
  • He listened to the music with ecstasy.他听音乐听得入了神。
  • Speechless with ecstasy,the little boys gazed at the toys.小孩注视着那些玩具,高兴得说不出话来。
3 harry heBxS     
  • Today,people feel more hurried and harried.今天,人们感到更加忙碌和苦恼。
  • Obama harried business by Healthcare Reform plan.奥巴马用医改掠夺了商界。
4 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
5 gals 21c57865731669089b5a91f4b7ca82ad     
abbr.gallons (复数)加仑(液量单位)n.女孩,少女( gal的名词复数 )
  • Jim came skipping out at the gate with a tin pail, and singing Buffalo Gals. 这时,吉姆手里提着一个锡皮桶,嘴中唱着“布法罗的女娃们”蹦蹦跳跳地从大门口跑出来。 来自英汉文学 - 汤姆历险
  • An' dey thinks dey wants mousy lil gals wid bird's tastes an' no sense at all. 他们想要的是耗子般的小姑娘,胃口小得像雀子,一点儿见识也没有。 来自飘(部分)
6 sensational Szrwi     
  • Papers of this kind are full of sensational news reports.这类报纸满是耸人听闻的新闻报道。
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7 epidemic 5iTzz     
  • That kind of epidemic disease has long been stamped out.那种传染病早已绝迹。
  • The authorities tried to localise the epidemic.当局试图把流行病限制在局部范围。
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