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听电影学英语-爱是妥协 6

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  [00:05.72]No. 没有
[00:05.88]We haven't. You're correct on that one. 还没上过床,你说对了
[00:11.80]Something to live for. 值得为此而活下去
[00:22.88]Down to the cheek. 才亲脸颊而已
[00:32.92]Hold on, Tarzan, we're still moving. Slowly. 等等,老兄,我还在推耶 慢慢来
[00:37.88]Hey, l-- 嘿,我…
[00:44.08]Harry, I'm sorry but I can't let you travel quite yet. 抱歉,你还不能远行
[00:48.16]I ain't going back in there. 我不要回医院
[00:50.00]I can't put you in a car and I can't leave you in the parking1 lot. 我不能让你上车 也不能任你躺在停车场
[00:55.00]I won't sue2 you, if that's what you think. 放心啦,我不会告你的
[00:58.08]I'll sign whatever you'd like. 我可以签切结书
[00:59.88]Just let me go back to the city. 让我回市区吧
[01:04.28]Here's my best offer. 我有个提议
[01:07.60]I won't put you in the hospital if you stay nearby a few days. 只要你在附近住几天 就不用回医院
[01:11.68]Get a nurse. Let me keep an eye on you until we get your strength back. 找个护士照顾你,我再帮你检查一下 等你恢复元气再走
[01:14.76]Stay nearby. 住附近?
[01:18.08]Doc, where do you suggest I go? 医生,你要我住哪里?
[01:25.16]No! 不要!
[01:31.96]Somebody please explain to me how I ended up babysitting3 this guy? 谁能告诉我 怎么会要我当这家伙的保姆?
[01:32.48]Somebody please explain to me how I ended up babysitting this guy?
[01:35.68]This is the best turkey sandwich I've had in my life. 没吃过这么好吃的火鸡三明治
[01:38.04]-You're not listening to me. -I am. Don't get all pissy. -你有没有在听我说话 -有啊,别气了啦
[01:41.20]I come here for peace and quiet. 我是来这里享受宁静的
[01:45.24]Suddenly, I'm a character in a Kaufman and Hart play. 却突然成了讽刺喜剧里的倒霉鬼
[01:48.52]And the phone doesn't stop. 电话响个不停
[01:50.56]And it's never for me. 没有一通是找我的
[01:53.76]Sorry to interrupt4. 抱歉打扰了
[01:53.92]No, that's fine, Leo. I'll take it. 没关系,里欧,交给我吧
[01:55.64]-No, it's okay-- -No, no, I'll take it. -没关系啦 -我来就好了
[01:58.04]I don't mind washing them. Okay. 要我洗碗也可以
[02:00.04]How you doing? 你好
[02:05.40]The man doesn't know my name, and I'm doing his dishes. 他记不住我的名字 我却得替他洗碗
[02:08.16]I said I'll take it back tomorrow, okay? Great. 我说我明天会退回去,好吗? 太好了
[02:09.56]I'll take care of it. Just one second. Hi, Erica? 我会处理,等一下,爱莉卡
[02:13.96]-Where shall I put this? -Here. I'll take it. -这要放哪儿? -放这里,给我就好了
[02:14.72]Harry has a bad headache. Do you have any Tylenol? 哈利说他头痛 有没有止痛药?
[02:17.08]-Tylenol-- -Extra Strength would be fantastic. -止痛药? -最好是加强碇
[02:20.92]Hi, I'm Tania. 你好,我是谭雅
[02:22.80]-Hi. -Harry's second assistant. -你好 -哈利的助理
[02:23.60]-Dave Klein, her assistant. -Nice to meet you. -大卫柯蓝,她的助理 -幸会
[02:28.76]-Nice to meet you. -Thank you. Appreciate it. -幸会 -谢谢你,感激不尽
[02:32.72]“What should I do with this?” “这要放哪儿?”
[02:35.80]It's an empty water glass. What are the choices? 这是空水杯,还能放哪儿?
[02:37.32]Okay, I'm getting out of your hair. 好吧,我不吵你了
[02:39.40]So you're not ready to show me any new pages? 你剧本还没进展吧!
[02:43.36]-Dave. -I'm not putting any pressure on you. -大卫 -我不想给你压力
[02:47.52]-I'm just asking. -Dad! -只是随口问问 -爸!
[02:48.24]I didn't know you were here. 我不知道你来了
[02:49.60]Just on my way out. 我正要走
[02:52.48]I was gonna drive back to the city with Zoe, but I'd much rather go with you. 柔怡要开车载我回市区 但我宁可搭你的车
[02:57.16]Actually, I have someone to meet before I go. 可是我要去找一个朋友
[02:58.84]Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. 等一下…
[03:00.16]You're leaving? Zoe's leaving? The entourage is leaving? 你要走了?柔怡也要走? 大队人马都要走?
[03:04.64]I'm gonna be stuck with him, alone? 就我和他单独在家?
[03:07.20]The hospital's sending over a nurse in the morning. 医院一大早就会派护士过来
[03:09.00]In the morning? That's, like, 1 9 hours from now. 一大早?还有19个小时耶
[03:11.56]Okay, I can handle this. 好吧,我能应付
[03:14.28]I'll just get myself into a Zen place. 我会打坐,让自己平心静气
[03:18.24]Play music. Cook. Write. Focus5. 放音乐、煮饭、写稿 全神贯注
[03:41.72]Thank you. 谢谢你
[03:54.12]Well, four mai tais at lunch... 午餐喝四杯迈泰鸡尾酒
[03:56.20]...is a bit much for anybody. 任何人都会受不了
[04:00.76]Hi. 你好
[04:05.16]Can I call you right back, doll, huh? Thank you. 我再打给你,好吗? 谢谢
[04:09.04]Hey. 你好
[04:13.44]-What's up? -Okay, here's the thing. -什么事? -好,我先声明
[04:14.60]I don't want to play the uptight6 nurse to your bad-boy patient. 我不想当正经八百的看护 照顾你这个不乖的病人
[04:19.08]If you want another heart attack, go ahead. I have work to do. 若你想再心脏病发 请便,但我要工作
[04:20.16]I don't have time to make a run... 没空再跑医院
[04:24.76]...to the hospital because you're filling your clogged7 arteries8 with smoke. 因为抽烟会让血管栓塞更严重
[04:26.72]But more importantly... 但更重要的是…
[04:30.00]...I'd rather not have my freshly painted house smell like a pool hall. 我房子刚粉刷好 不想满屋子烟臭味
[04:36.88]Have you always been like this, or do I bring it out in you? 你平常都这样? 还是被我激怒的?
[04:39.08]Just, you know. 嗯,请你熄烟
[04:41.36]I don't think I've ever had this effect on a woman before. 我不曾让女人有过这样的反应
[04:44.92]What effect do you think you have on me? 什么反应?
[04:47.60]I don't quite recognize it. 我也不太清楚
[04:48.92]That's how I know I never had it before. 只知道从来不曾这样
[04:53.16]So you don't sleep? 所以,你不必睡觉吗?
[04:54.84]I only need about four hours a night. 我每天只睡四小时
[04:58.04]Me too. 我也是
[04:58.96]I never slept eight hours in my life. 这辈子没睡超过八小时


1 parking EmKzN3     
  • A bus is parking on the road.路上停着一辆公共汽车。
  • Next you must learn how to back a car into a parking space.下一步你应该学会如何把车倒入停车的空地。
2 sue PUAzm     
  • If you don't pay me the money,I'll sue you.如果你不付给我钱,我就告你。
  • The war criminals sue for peace.战犯求和。
3 babysitting byGzau     
n.托婴服务v.临时受雇代外出的父母照料小孩( babysit的现在分词 )
  • If you ever need help with the babysitting, I'd be glad to oblige. 如果你什么时候需要找人照看孩子,我很乐意帮忙。 来自辞典例句
  • Do you think any of the cops outside would like to do a little babysitting? 你不知道这外面的警察就好像是在代人照看小孩吗? 来自电影对白
4 interrupt t5jxU     
  • It is not polite to interrupt when someone is talking.在别人讲话时插嘴是不礼貌的。
  • You'd better not interrupt him.He is sleeping.你最好别打扰他,他在睡觉。
5 focus kjnxK     
  • She was the focus of everyone's attention.她是大家注意的焦点。
  • The noise made it hard for me to focus on work.噪音让我无法集中注意力工作。
6 uptight yjXwQ     
  • He's feeling a bit uptight about his exam tomorrow.他因明天的考试而感到有点紧张。
  • Try to laugh at it instead of getting uptight.试着一笑了之,不要紧张。
7 clogged 0927b23da82f60cf3d3f2864c1fbc146     
(使)阻碍( clog的过去式和过去分词 ); 淤滞
  • The narrow streets were clogged with traffic. 狭窄的街道上交通堵塞。
  • The intake of gasoline was stopped by a clogged fuel line. 汽油的注入由于管道阻塞而停止了。
8 arteries 821b60db0d5e4edc87fdf5fc263ba3f5     
n.动脉( artery的名词复数 );干线,要道
  • Even grafting new blood vessels in place of the diseased coronary arteries has been tried. 甚至移植新血管代替不健康的冠状动脉的方法都已经试过。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • This is the place where the three main arteries of West London traffic met. 这就是伦敦西部三条主要交通干线的交汇处。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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