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听电影学英语-姐姐的守护者 02

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  [00:09.48]8RIAN: Having a child who is sick is a full-time1 occupation. 照料生病的孩子是个全职工作
[00:15.48]Sure, we still enioy the usual day-to-day happinesses of family life. 我们依然在享受家庭生活的日常乐趣
[00:21.64]Big house. great kids. beautiful wife. 大房子,好孩子还有娇妻
[00:23.84]I But beneath the exterior2 there are cracks... 但是在这只是表面
[00:28.60]...resentments3... 忿恨
[00:29.80]...alliances that threaten the very foundation of our lives... 联合起来威胁着我们生活的根基
[00:32.48]...as at any moment our whole world could come tumbling down. 我们的世界随时可能倾覆
[00:39.56]BRIAN: l don't know when it started. but probably around 1 1 it was 103. 我不知道什么时候开始的,大约11点 体温是103华氏度(约合39.4摄氏度)
[00:42.68]ANNA: Hey. what's going on? SARA: Your sister's sick. - 怎么了 - 你姐姐病了
[00:45.96]She's been up all night with a fever. 她烧的整晚睡不着
[00:50.84]ANNA: Kate? Kate?
[00:53.96]Kate? Kate?
[01:18.40]ANNA: Hey. 嘿
[01:20.48]JESSE: You ready? Come on. Iet's go. 准备好了吗?来吧,走
[01:31.60]Are you sure you want to do this? 你确定你要这么做?
[01:38.60]You know you're nuts. right? 你知道你疯了,是吧?
[01:42.92]- l'll be right back. - All right. l'll be waiting. - 我很快回来 - 好的,我等你
[01:48.40]CAMPBELL: When Hanna fitzgerald first stepped into my office... 当anna fitzgerald第一次走进我的办公室
[01:49.68]...l thought she was selling Girl Scout4 cookies. 我以为她是来推销女童军饼干的
[01:55.76]Thank you. 多谢
[01:56.68]- Oh. my gosh. it's really you. - lt really is. - 噢,天哪,真的是你 - 是我
[01:58.16]'l'm Campbell Alexander. 我是Campbell Alexander
[02:02.76]- l have a 90 percent success rate. - Ninety-one. - 我的成功率是90% - 是91%
[02:03.24]What can l do for you?' 我能为你做什么?
[02:05.72]You've seen my commercials. 你看过我的广告
[02:07.08]All of them. l mean. that's why l'm here. 所有的我都看过,所以我才来的
[02:11.36]- Hi. - Please don't touch. Judge is a service dog. - 嗨 - 不要摸它,Judge是一只服务犬
[02:14.36]- What service? - l have an iron lung... - 什么样的服务? - 我戴着人工呼吸器
[02:16.76]...and Judge helps me steer5 clear of magnets. Judge帮助我避开磁铁
[02:18.72]Please. sit down. 请坐
[02:23.40]- What is your name? - Anna Fitzgerald. - 你叫什么名字? - Anna Fitzgerald
[02:28.20]What can l do for you. Anna? 我能为你做什么,Anna?
[02:28.68]That is so cool. 太酷了
[02:33.12]l want to sue my parents for the rights to my own body. 我因自己的身体使用权而起诉父母
[02:37.72]Would you repeat that. please? 请重复一遍
[02:38.40]l want to sue my parents for the rights to my own body. 我因自己的身体使用权而起诉父母
[02:42.80]My sister has leukemia. They're trying to force me to give her my body parts. 我姐姐得了白血病 他们试图迫使我捐献身体器官
[02:45.88]You're supposed to give her a kidney? 你指的是给她一个肾?
[02:47.48]She's been in renal failure for months now. 她肾衰竭好几个月了
[02:51.92]No one can force you to donate if you don't want to. can they? 你不愿意的话没人可以迫使你捐赠,不是吗?
[02:54.52]- l'm under 18. they're my legal guardians6. - They can't do that. - 我不满18岁,他们是我的法定监护人 - 他们不能这么做
[02:55.32]They think they can. 他们认为他们可以
[02:60.88]That's what l want you to tell them... 这就是我试图告诉他们的
[03:02.56]l wouldn't even be alive if Kate wasn't sick. 如果Kate不生病的话我不会出生
[03:02.60]...they've been doing it to me my whole life. 他们就是这么对待我的整个人生的
[03:07.24]l'm a designer baby. 我是试管婴儿
[03:08.16]l was made in a dish to be spare parts for Kate. 我在皿中被做出来就是为了与Kate分享身体
[03:11.72]You're kidding. right? 你在开玩笑,是不是?
[03:13.12]CAMPBELL: The kid wasn't lying. 这个孩子没有撒谎
[03:15.52]The doctors started taking things from her the moment she was born. 医生自从她出生之后就开始提取所需
[03:18.64]Cord blood as an infant. white-cell transfusions7... 婴儿时的脐血,白血球输液
[03:23.68]...bone marrow8, lymphocytes... 注射骨髓,淋巴细胞
[03:25.04]...iniections to add more stem cells. and then they tooh them too. 来增加干细胞,他们随即也会取走这些
[03:27.24]But it was never enough. 但是这永远不够
[03:32.36]You do know what will happen if you don't give your sister your kidney. don't you? 你知道如果你不给你姐姐你的肾会发生什么,对吗?
[03:36.24]Yeah. she'll die. 知道,她会死
[03:40.12]So there's a little over t700 here. 这儿有七百多块钱
[03:44.80]And l know that's not enough. but it's all l have and l need your help. 我知道这不够,但这是我的全部家当 我需要你的帮忙
[03:51.20]Please. 求你了
[03:53.28]You sure you want to go through with this? 你确定你要这样达到目的吗?
[03:58.96]Good for you. 好样的
[04:06.00]SARA: It's hard to imagine now... 现在很难想象
[04:08.40]...but there was a time before all this happened... 但曾几何时
[04:11.08]...when the kids were iust kids. and everyone was happy. 孩子仅仅是孩子,每个人都很快乐
[04:16.84]SARA: Hi. baby. 嗨,宝贝
[04:18.08]- Where's your sister? - Sleeping. - 你姐姐呢 - 睡觉
[04:22.80]l tried poking9 her and everything. 我拿东西戳她,试了所有的办法
[04:28.68]SARA: Hey. Katie-Cat. 嘿,Katie宝贝
[04:30.92]Good morning. sweetie. Are you awake? 早安,甜心,你醒了吗?
[04:32.64]How you doing? 你在干什么?
[04:35.92]Rise and shine. 起来晒太阳啦
[04:41.56]SARA: Anemia10. right? 是贫血吗?
[04:45.48]- Kids her age don't get mono. do they? WAYNE: Could be a virus. - 这么大的孩子不会得单核细胞增多症,是吧? - 可能是病毒
[04:48.32]l'll have to draw some blood and run a few tests. 我要抽血做些测试
[04:54.32]Kate's white cell count's much lower than normal. Kate的白细胞数比正常的低很多
[04:57.60]- What's that mean? - l don't know. - 什么意思? - 我也不清楚
[04:60.96]She may have an autoimmune deficiency. 她可能是自身免疫性缺陷


1 full-time SsBz42     
  • A full-time job may be too much for her.全天工作她恐怕吃不消。
  • I don't know how she copes with looking after her family and doing a full-time job.既要照顾家庭又要全天工作,我不知道她是如何对付的。
2 exterior LlYyr     
  • The seed has a hard exterior covering.这种子外壳很硬。
  • We are painting the exterior wall of the house.我们正在给房子的外墙涂漆。
3 resentments 4e6d4b541f5fd83064d41eea9a6dec89     
(因受虐待而)愤恨,不满,怨恨( resentment的名词复数 )
  • He could never transcend his resentments and his complexes. 他从来不能把他的怨恨和感情上的症结置之度外。
  • These local resentments burst into open revolt. 地方性反感变成公开暴动。
4 scout oDGzi     
  • He was mistaken for an enemy scout and badly wounded.他被误认为是敌人的侦察兵,受了重伤。
  • The scout made a stealthy approach to the enemy position.侦察兵偷偷地靠近敌军阵地。
5 steer 5u5w3     
  • If you push the car, I'll steer it.如果你来推车,我就来驾车。
  • It's no use trying to steer the boy into a course of action that suits you.想说服这孩子按你的方式行事是徒劳的。
6 guardians 648b3519bd4469e1a48dff4dc4827315     
监护人( guardian的名词复数 ); 保护者,维护者
  • Farmers should be guardians of the countryside. 农民应是乡村的保卫者。
  • The police are guardians of law and order. 警察是法律和秩序的护卫者。
7 transfusions 6bbc6e3b13bfaae7f9b1d36b8ce2c461     
n.输血( transfusion的名词复数 );输液;倾注;渗透
  • Still, transfusions have apparently never spread the disease, even among hemophiliacs. 还有,输血很明显从未传播过这种病,即使在血友病人之间也是如此。 来自英汉非文学 - 生命科学 - 口蹄疫疯牛病
  • Blood transfusions are a special, limited example of tissue transplantation. 输血是一个特殊的、有限制的组织移植的例子。 来自辞典例句
8 marrow M2myE     
  • It was so cold that he felt frozen to the marrow. 天气太冷了,他感到寒冷刺骨。
  • He was tired to the marrow of his bones.他真是累得筋疲力尽了。
9 poking poking     
n. 刺,戳,袋 vt. 拨开,刺,戳 vi. 戳,刺,捅,搜索,伸出,行动散慢
  • He was poking at the rubbish with his stick. 他正用手杖拨动垃圾。
  • He spent his weekends poking around dusty old bookshops. 他周末都泡在布满尘埃的旧书店里。
10 anemia joGy3     
  • The doctors analyzed the blood sample for anemia. 医生们分析了贫血的血样。
  • I was put on iron tablets for my anemia.我曾因贫血吃补铁药片。
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