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听电影学英语-姐姐的守护者 03

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  [00:03.04]Could just be a lab error. 也有可能仅仅是实验事故
[00:08.60]SARA: Oncology? 肿瘤科?
[00:09.48]But that's cancer. 那是癌症啊
[00:16.24]WOMAN: Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald? 是Fitzgerald夫妇吗?
[00:18.96]l'm Ileana Farquad. 我是Ileana Farquad
[00:19.92]KATE: Hello. - Hi. - 你好 - 你好
[00:26.48]So l took a look at Kate's CBC. 我看了Kate的全血球计数
[00:29.36]Her white blood count is very low. 她的白血细胞数非常低
[00:32.96]She's also presenting with 12% promyelocytes and 5% blasts... 她的早幼粒细胞只有正常的12% 而早期造血细胞只有5%
[00:37.56]...which does indicate a leukemic syndrome1. 这表示她得的是白血病
[00:39.24]Leukemic? 白血病?
[00:39.92]Cancer. 癌症
[00:43.52]l'll need a bone marrow2 aspiration3 to confirm... 我还要一份骨髓样本来确定
[00:44.00]...but it seems that Kate could have what is called acute promyelocytic leukemia. 但是看起来Kate得的是急性骨髓系白血病
[00:52.08]l'm sorry. 我很遗憾
[00:57.12]MAN: Respiration's normal. 呼吸正常
[01:19.88]BRIAN: St. Joe's doesn't hnow shit. St. Joe什么都不知道
[01:20.96]You remember when the chief's son was playing with Jesse and broke his left arm? 你还记得吗,头儿的儿子与Jesse玩,把他左臂弄折了?
[01:26.72]They put a cast on his right. 他们把石膏打到了右臂上
[01:33.20]l'm not gonna let her die. 我不会让她死的
[01:37.96]You know that. right? 你知道,是吗?
[01:42.44]l'm not. 我不会的
[02:14.16]Hello? 喂?
[02:15.44]...but she wouldn't open the door. Your mom kicked it in. 但是她不肯开门,你妈妈踢开了门
[02:15.96]KELLY: We heard her coughing... 我们听到她咳嗽
[02:18.80]SARA: l haven't gotten in touch with them. she's lost a lot of blood. 我还没有联系他们,他失血很严重
[02:19.04]JESSE: Kicked the door down? KELLY: Yeah. - 踢开了? - 是啊
[02:22.32]We need to get platelets and fluids into her. 我们要给她输血小板和补液
[02:25.28]- l don't want her going into shock. EMT 1: Her age and weight? - 我不想让她休克 - 年龄体重?
[02:27.20]SARA: Fifteen. she's about 90 pounds. she's allergic4 to penicillin5. 15,差不多90磅,她对青霉素过敏
[02:30.56]EMT 2: One-hundred over 68. 高压100,低压68
[02:33.84]EMT 1: Okay. Base Camp. Rescue 1 1. 好的,控制中心,11号救援车
[02:33.96]We have a 1 5-year-old girl. approximately 90 pounds. 这儿有一个十五岁的女孩,大约90磅
[02:37.32]- BP is 100 over 68. - Jesus Christ. - 血压是100/68 - 天哪
[02:41.28]EMT 2: All right. Iet's get her up. Yeah. 好的,把她扶起来,是的
[02:49.16]There you go. 走啦
[02:55.92]We're just gonna bring you downstairs. 我们就是要把你带下楼
[03:04.64]JESSE: Nobody's saying anything... 没人说什么
[03:07.52]...but seeing everybody together Iets me hnow that this is serious. 但是看到所有人聚在一起让我意识到有大事
[03:12.92]Our family is hind6 of disconnected. 我们家的亲戚联系不是很紧密
[03:15.80]Dad's relatives are wealthy and distant. and Mom's side drives her crazy. 爸爸的亲戚富有但冷漠,妈妈的亲戚快要把她逼疯了
[03:18.96]So besides Aunt Kelly... 除了Kelly阿姨
[03:20.56]...we never really get to see anybody except on holidays or disasters. 除非是节日或者祸事,我从未亲眼见过他们
[03:29.48]NGUYEN: Kate's leuhemia is back. Kate的白血病复发了
[03:31.20]She's no longer missing. 她撑不久的
[03:32.80]CHANCE: We've looked at her smear7... 我们检查了她的呕吐物
[03:36.64]...and her leukemic cells are showing at 23%. 她的白细胞含量是23%
[03:38.76]- How many is bad? - Any. - 多少才不好? - 随便多少
[03:40.32]TOMMY: What about chemo? 化疗怎么样?
[03:42.12]NGUYEN: It's an option. but Kate doesn't seem to take it very well. 这也是个选择,但是看起来对Kate效果并不好
[03:44.60]And her cancer may be too far along. 而且她的癌症可能已经不能用这治疗了
[03:45.60]So you need more bone marrow? 所以你要更多的骨髓?
[03:47.32]Yes. but the leukemia isn't Kate's biggest problem now. 是,但是她现在最大的问题不是白血病
[03:52.24]She's lost the function of her kidneys. 她的肾停止工作了
[03:55.48]They've quit. 它们放弃了
[03:57.12]They're gone. 它们死了
[04:01.12]SARA: Not a match? CHANCE: No. - 不匹配? - 是的
[04:03.52]We're her parents. don't we have to be? 我们是她的父母,我们不是应该配得上吗?
[04:04.96]Everyone inherits two sets of chromosomes8 containing HLA genes9. 每个人会继承含有两套白细胞抗原基因的同源染色体
[04:08.96]Unfortunately. there's only a 1 in 200 chance... 不幸的是,仅仅有200分之一的几率
[04:12.12]...that parents and their children will be perfect histocompatible HLA matches. 父母与孩子的组织相容白细胞抗原会完美匹配
[04:19.80]What about Jesse? Jesse呢?
[04:21.00]l'm afraid not. 恐怕也不会
[04:21.88]lt's possible that a donor10 will crop up on the national bone-marrow registry. 国家骨髓登记处可能会有合适的捐赠者
[04:26.16]l thought you said getting a transplant from an unrelated donor was dangerous. 我记得你说过从无关的捐赠者那儿移植很危险
[04:29.52]l did. 我是说过
[04:31.32]But Kate's situation is time-sensitive. and sometimes that's all we've got. 但是Kate的事容不得拖延,这是我们所能做的一切
[04:37.00]l'd like to suggest something completely off the record. 我想建议一些记录上完全没有提及的事
[04:41.20]Many times one sibling11 isn't a match. but another is. 很多时候一个兄弟姐妹不匹配,但另一个会
[04:45.64]Have you considered having another child? 你愿意考虑再要一个孩子吗?
[04:49.04]...but umbilical blood can be an incredibly effective tool in treating leukemic patients. 单单是脐血对治疗白血病有奇效
[04:49.36]Not to be forward... 不提以后
[04:56.56]lt's like a miracle. 这就像个无价之宝
[04:57.88]Well. how would you know that the new child would be a match? 好吧,你怎么会知道新孩子会匹配?
[04:60.76]- We could make sure of it. - ln a test tube? - 我们可以确定这个 - 在试管里?


1 syndrome uqBwu     
  • The Institute says that an unidentified virus is to blame for the syndrome. 该研究所表示,引起这种综合症的是一种尚未确认的病毒。
  • Results indicated that 11 fetuses had Down syndrome. 结果表明有11个胎儿患有唐氏综合征。
2 marrow M2myE     
  • It was so cold that he felt frozen to the marrow. 天气太冷了,他感到寒冷刺骨。
  • He was tired to the marrow of his bones.他真是累得筋疲力尽了。
3 aspiration ON6z4     
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  • Young Addison had a strong aspiration to be an inventor.年幼的爱迪生渴望成为一名发明家。
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9 genes 01914f8eac35d7e14afa065217edd8c0     
n.基因( gene的名词复数 )
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  • Differences will help to reveal the functions of the genes. 它们间的差异将会帮助我们揭开基因多种功能。 来自英汉非文学 - 生命科学 - 生物技术的世纪
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  • In these cases,the recipient usually takes care of the donor afterwards.在这类情况下,接受捐献者以后通常会照顾捐赠者。
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11 sibling TEszc     
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  • Sibling ravalry has been common in this family.这个家里,兄弟姊妹之间的矛盾很平常。
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