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听电影学英语-肖申克的救赎 06

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  [00:02.30]Why'd you do it? 为了什么?
[00:03.38]I didn't, since you ask. 我没犯罪
[00:05.06]You're going to fit right in. 你来对地方了
[00:07.34]Everybody in here's innocent. Didn't you know that? 这里人人都无罪
[00:09.94]-What you in here for?  -Didn't do it. Lawyer fucked me. -赫伍  你为何入狱?  -我无罪  被律师害了
[00:15.50]Rumor has it you're a real cold fish. 听说你颇爱耍酷
[00:20.58]You think your shit smells sweeter than most. Is that right? 难道你的屁比别人香?
[00:23.78]What do you think? 你说呢?
[00:25.14]To tell you the truth, I haven't made up my mind. 说老实话  我还不清楚
[00:29.94]I understand you're a man that knows how to get things. 我知道你很有办法
[00:33.02]I'm known to locate certain things from time to time. 我能够让你有求必应
[00:38.02]I wonder if you might get me a rock hammer. 我想要一把石捶
[00:39.38]A rock hammer. 石捶
[00:39.90]What? 什么?
[00:42.78]-What is it and why?  -What do you care? -用来干什么?  -何必问呢?
[00:46.94]For a toothbrush, I wouldn't ask. I'd quote a price. 若是牙刷  我就直接报价
[00:49.54]But a toothbrush is a non-lethal object, isn't it? 因为牙刷不危险  对吗?
[00:53.58]Fair enough. 也有道理
[00:54.90]A rock hammer is about six or seven inches long. 石捶大约六  七寸长
[00:57.26]-Looks like a miniature pickax.  -Pickax? -像鹤嘴锄  -鹤嘴锄?
[01:01.38]For rocks. 敲石头用的
[01:04.54]Quartz 石英
[01:04.62]Quartz? 石英?
[01:10.30]And some mica1, shale2 云母  页岩
[01:14.14]So? 所以呢?
[01:16.42]So I'm a rock hound. 我曾是石痴
[01:19.46]At least I was in my old life. I'd like to be again. 我想重拾往日嗜好
[01:23.94]Or maybe you'd like to sink your toy into somebody's skull3. 我看你是想捶人家脑袋
[01:27.38]No, I have no enemies here. 不是的  这儿没有人犯着我
[01:28.46]No? Wait a while. 没有? 且慢
[01:32.18]Word gets around. 话已传开了
[01:35.26]The Sisters have taken quite a liking4 to you. 三姐妹对你有性趣
[01:38.74]Especially Bogs5. 尤其是包格斯
[01:40.98]Don't suppose it would help if I told them I'm not homosexual. 说我不是圈内人也没用吗?
[01:46.50]Neither are they. 他们也不算是
[01:47.06]You have to be human first. They don't qualify. 圈内人也是人  但他们是禽兽
[01:54.94]Bull queers take by force. That's all they want or understand. 想干就干  根本不在乎你
[02:01.38]If I were you, I'd grow eyes in the back of my head. 我若是  会加倍提防
[02:04.34]-Thanks for the advice.  -Well, that's free. -谢谢你的忠告  -反正不用钱
[02:07.74]You understand my concern. 你明白我的顾虑吧
[02:10.42]If there's trouble, I won't use the rock hammer. 我不用石捶惹事  行吗?
[02:12.42]Then I'd guess you want to escape. Tunnel under the wall, maybe. 那你想逃狱  挖地道?
[02:17.18]What did I miss?  What's so funny? 有什么好笑?
[02:19.58]You'll understand when you see the rock hammer. 你看到它就明白了
[02:22.74]What's an item like this usually go for? 它市价多少?
[02:26.46]Seven dollars in any rock-and-gem shop. 奇石店卖七元
[02:29.50]My normal markup's 20 percent. 我通常加两成
[02:31.18]But this is a specialty6 item. 不过嘛
[02:35.46]Risk goes up, price goes up. Let's make it an even 10 bucks7. 价钱随风险调高  跟你收十元吧
[02:39.14]Ten it is. 就这样
[02:42.42]Waste of money, if you ask me. 其实你是白花钱
[02:45.62]Why's that? 为什么?
[02:47.42]Folks around this joint8 love surprise inspections9. 狱方喜欢突袭搜房
[02:50.98]They find it, you're going to lose it. 找到石捶一定没收
[02:53.66]If they catch you, you don't know me. 到时候别摆我道
[02:56.86]Mention my name, we never do business again. 否则再也别想跟我做生意
[02:58.82]Not for shoelaces or a stick of gum. Now you got that? 连口香糖都不卖你
[03:02.54]I understand. 我懂
[03:04.62]Thank you, Mr 谢谢你
[03:07.86]Red. 瑞德
[03:09.78]Red 瑞德
[03:11.10]Name's Red. 叫我瑞德
[03:13.86]Why do they call you that? 为何叫瑞德?
[03:28.18]I could see why some of the boys took him for snobby10. 怪不得有人认为他臭屁
[03:31.14]He had a quiet way about him 他闷声不响的
[03:36.22]a walk and a talk that just wasn't normal around here. 他的步伐和谈吐简直是异类

  [03:39.22]He strolled 他像
[03:39.90]like a man in the park without a care or a worry in the world. 在公园散步  无忧无虑
[03:45.54]Like he had on an invisible coat that would shield him from this place. 仿佛身披隐形衣
[03:50.94]I think it'd be fair to say 我打一开始
[03:51.22]yes 没错
[03:54.98]I liked Andy from the start. 就喜欢他
[03:58.30]Let's go! Some of us got a schedule to keep. 别耽误我们时间
[04:05.62]Move it! Come on, move it! 快点
[04:11.02]How you doing? How's the wife treating you? 你好  老婆待你如何?
[04:27.10]just go 继续走
[04:30.46]Red 瑞德
[04:52.34]Andy was right. 安迪说的对
[04:53.14]I finally got the joke. 见到货就明白
[04:57.26]It would take a man about 600 years 用它挖地道
[04:58.70]to tunnel under the wall with one of these. 得挖六百年


1 mica gjZyj     
  • It could not pass through material impervious to water such as mica.它不能通过云母这样的不透水的物质。
  • Because of its layered structure,mica is fissile.因为是层状结构,云母很容易分成片。
2 shale cEvyj     
  • We can extract oil from shale.我们可以从页岩中提取石油。
  • Most of the rock in this mountain is shale.这座山上大部分的岩石都是页岩。
3 skull CETyO     
  • The skull bones fuse between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five.头骨在15至25岁之间长合。
  • He fell out of the window and cracked his skull.他从窗子摔了出去,跌裂了颅骨。
4 liking mpXzQ5     
  • The word palate also means taste or liking.Palate这个词也有“口味”或“嗜好”的意思。
  • I must admit I have no liking for exaggeration.我必须承认我不喜欢夸大其词。
5 bogs d60480275cf60a95a369eb1ebd858202     
n.沼泽,泥塘( bog的名词复数 );厕所v.(使)陷入泥沼, (使)陷入困境( bog的第三人称单数 );妨碍,阻碍
  • Whenever It'shows its true nature, real life bogs to a standstill. 无论何时,只要它显示出它的本来面目,真正的生活就陷入停滞。 来自名作英译部分
  • At Jitra we went wading through bogs. 在日得拉我们步行着从泥水塘里穿过去。 来自辞典例句
6 specialty SrGy7     
  • Shell carvings are a specialty of the town.贝雕是该城的特产。
  • His specialty is English literature.他的专业是英国文学。
7 bucks a391832ce78ebbcfc3ed483cc6d17634     
n.雄鹿( buck的名词复数 );钱;(英国十九世纪初的)花花公子;(用于某些表达方式)责任v.(马等)猛然弓背跃起( buck的第三人称单数 );抵制;猛然震荡;马等尥起后蹄跳跃
  • They cost ten bucks. 这些值十元钱。
  • They are hunting for bucks. 他们正在猎雄兔。 来自《简明英汉词典》
8 joint m3lx4     
  • I had a bad fall,which put my shoulder out of joint.我重重地摔了一跤,肩膀脫臼了。
  • We wrote a letter in joint names.我们联名写了封信。
9 inspections c445f9a2296d8835cd7d4a2da50fc5ca     
n.检查( inspection的名词复数 );检验;视察;检阅
  • Regular inspections are carried out at the prison. 经常有人来视察这座监狱。
  • Government inspections ensure a high degree of uniformity in the standard of service. 政府检查确保了在服务标准方面的高度一致。 来自《简明英汉词典》
10 snobby 667d10674990d20663977c10de67e90a     
  • Can I really tell my snobby friends that I now shop at-egads-Walmart? 天呐,我真得好意思告诉那帮势利的朋友们我在沃尔玛买东西?
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